The Legion of the Silent River, my beloved kin, is turning 7! I am looking to host (for the final time as leader) a "Party of Special Magnificence!" on the Crickhollow server to celebrate.

To that end, I am looking for a particular kind of person. A particular kind of persons, actually. I need these people willing to spend the time and dime to blow off a metric heck-ton of pyrotechnical devices from a location in a Shire Neighborhood, at a time TBD (might be starting at 1500 Eastern US/ 2000 Zulu. Not finalized.) on Saturday August 5th (and possibly 6th).

I am looking to go out (as leader) with the proverbial bang, and need the physical bang to be momentous, and amazing. Don’t worry, your characters are invited to share in the festivities and the occasion, but will need to be set up and fire on command until either you receive word to stop or the server crashes!

If you are up to the task, please mail Findurian in-game! Please only use a /tell for questions, and the forum messages are nearly never checked.
You will be salaried for your participation, but I cannot provide fireworks. If you wish to join, please go purchase the fireworks from the seasonal vendor! Conversely, if you are a fireworks supplier, comment below on the thread and let others know you have fireworks to sell!

Legion of the Silent River