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    Under a tree smokin' a pipe talking about those "peculiar folks".

    Thumbs up Fat Smokin Hobbits - Now Recruiting!

    Fat Smokin Hobbits
    Kinship Charter and Guidelines
    Discord --
    Twitch -

    Fat Smokin Hobbits
    Kinship Charter and Guidelines

    Why we are Here

    It all started 13 years ago in the Shire. Fat Smokin Hobbits was founded on the principles of having a good time. We are not your average Kinship per say but more like a Social Club for your average folks. We love to have a good time, explore at our own leisure, and we of course go out on adventures together (after all us Hobbits are known for getting into trouble). We are very pleased to welcome all races, classes, and levels into our Kinship (except for those smelly Orcs of course).

    Our Founder

    Schmo Samgee founded the Fat Smokin Hobbits to be a unique bunch of folks, not a one alike, but all share a common goal in life. To have a good time above all else and enjoy their time in Middle-Earth.

    Mission Statement

    Too provide the best gaming experience for our members and the folks around us during their time in LOTRO.


    There are but a few simple guidelines that we ask you follow during your membership in the Fat Smokin Hobbits.

    1. Have fun at all times
    2. Treat other members as you would like to be treated.
    3. Treat all folks you may come across with kindness, you after all represent FSH and we want to leave a good impression.

    Rules and Regulations

    Membership Recruitment -- Anyone can join the kinship.

    Leaving the Kinship -- Members will be allowed to leave a Kinship up to 3 times and be invited back in.

    The first and second time the member will be simply invited back no questions asked.
    The third time the matter will be brought up before the officers and voted upon.
    If a member leaves for a fourth time they will not be invited back.

    Member Disputes -- Any member issues will be brought up to an officer online via Discord or by mail. If there is no officer online please contact any of the officers via Discord or in game mail and explain the problem. The action taken will be on a case by case basis.

    Member Behavior -- All members are expected to maintain good behavior during their time in LOTRO. We will not tolerate trash talking in global chats, and disrespect to others in the game. You will be warned the first time and removed from the Kinship if the problem continues.

    Kinship Auction and Items -- The Kinship auction is for members only. Items posted on the KAH are not for resale and should not be posted for any more than what the listing cost is. If you want to make a profit feel free to post them on the auction hall. Items offered up in Kinship chat are for members of FSH only; they are not to be passed to folks outside of the Kinship. Members who abuse this will be removed from the Kinship.

    How to advance in FSH -- Many folks have asked how to move up in rank (officer positions) in FSH. What we look for in an officer is how active they are in both Discord and in the game, also how long they have been with us. After reviewing the aforementioned info, when we need officers we will contact them and promote them if they accept.

    What is expected from an FSH Officer -- As an officer in FSH you are expected to help maintain a good kinship environment. By this we mean help keep our chat clean within a reasonable level, help with member disputes, be active in Discord, and also recruit folks into the kinship.

    Member Ranks

    Below you will find a list of all the positions that can be held while in Fat Smokin Hobbits and a brief explanation of what they are.

    Kinship Leader -- This is the person that founded FSH.

    Recruiting Officer -- This person will be in charge of making sure that new recruits sign up on our forums and get invited in game. (Currently Open)

    Sheriff -- This person will be in charge of handing any problems that may arise between our members. (Currently Open)

    Event Planners -- This person is in charge of planning and hosting events with FSH and other Kinships. (Currently Open)

    Officer - This is a general officer position. They will help with general member issues and relay any problems that may arise to the sheriff.

    Member - This person is a regular member of Fat Smokin Hobbits.

    Recruit - This person is new to the FSH Kinship.

    Want to Join?

    Jump in our Discord or look for us online and request an invite. You can also post here or PM myself on the forums. See you in game!
    Fat Smokin Hobbits - Rank 10 Kinship - Est. 2004 - Landroval Server
    Twitch - http://twitch.tv/fshschmo
    Discord - https://discord.gg/38TcHPQ

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    Khoblún Utot, Enedwaith
    Hurray for FSH! Schmo and crew are awesome folks! I highly recommend giving them a shot, I know I will be!

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    Sounds like a great kinship. I'm planing on creating a toon tonight or tomorrow. My discord tag is pingbrewstep#3540 hit me up their. I haven't been on the game in years. And would love to ask some questions about your kinship/the game. Hope to hear from y'all soon. Love those hobbits and their smoking growing some long bottom leaf of my own.



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