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    Nov 2010
    Khoblún Utot, Enedwaith

    Exclamation Attack Duration reduction is my all-time favorite buff

    What is your favorite buff?

    True Rune of the White Mountains

    • Eastemnet
    • Minimum Level 80
    • -2.5% Attack Duration
      +646 Physical Mastery Rating
      +646 Tactical Mastery Rating
      +35 Agility

    Anything related to -% Attack Duration, it makes my characters perform and "feel" much more enjoyable to play. Unfortunately, I worry that this rune will become obsolete with the new system, and all my dps characters will "feel" slower and clunkier/clumsier?
    Please put a -% Attack Duration on the new Mordor relics, somewhere... Pleeeeeeease!

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    May 2012

    Thumbs up Fall Injury Immunity

    Consumed On Use
    Cooldown: 1h

    Cannot use with Effect: Falling Injury Immunity

    "Immediately remove injuries (debuffs) caused by falling and gain a 90 minute immunity.
    The bandages do not protect against damage or defeat caused by falling.
    Can be used in PvMP areas.
    5 uses."

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    what is your favorite buff?

    My favorite would be cry of valar and inspiration.

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    Two arms!
    Because it's tough to fight with only 1 arm.

    What's that you say? oh, uh, never mind.

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    Any kind of buff...

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    Quote Originally Posted by MacApple View Post
    "50% off" for everything in the LOTRO shop.

    Good one, MacApple! I wouldn't mind having that one.

    Hmm...Favourite Buff? Serious Business.

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    Apr 2007
    Anthem of the Third Age, since it means people don't die (as much).

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    Mar 2007

    There's always...HOPE

    Hands down, for everyboy, Hope is my fav, any bit of buff to morale is good, too! Now, if we could only get a buff to LP...oh wait..maybe we do...

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    My favorite buff is invisibility because I can go everywhere without being seen by monsters !

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    Mar 2014

    What is your favorite buff?

    My favorite buff is taking a capped player with me and watch him do all the dirty work while im sitting there eating pie...
    Thorgull lvl 105 Champion - Malendar lvl 115 Warden - Estelldion lvl 101 LoreMaster - Ballduin lvl 36 Runekeeper - Nharduil lvl 17 Minstrel All on Evernight

    Malenborn - Warden & Athanandor - Hunter on Crickhollow (Casual Wanderers)

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    Dec 2012
    What is your favorite buff?

    Run speed, whern running in my LRM with a fellow hunter (or from using food).

    Sergio :-)
    Moved from Riddermark to Landroval on 2/10/1015!

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    I reflect a bit and come to the result that the Inspiration is the best Buff.

    Even if it was misused in the Moors for a time, the benefits overbalance.
    So Singleplayer in a Multiplayer game can still advance in the Storyline that was former constructed to play in a Fellowship.

    If only Player created Buffs count, then i would promote the Standard of War, a Skill used by Captain.
    That Buff can be used by the whole Raid.
    30% More Damage, half minute with 1min CD - So 2 Captain can keep it alive.
    The Skill after the Banner is planted will be a Critical Hit by each in the Banner - That can be used to let the Rotation of the Master of War to start.

    Keep in Mind that the Famous Oathbreaker does 35% more Damage on a single Target for 10-20sec only.

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    I don't really play alts, only my main usually. Amthuil is his name. My favorite buff is the +5% damage buff. Amthuil is a Champ and the extra damage helps him do his job (dps) better.

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    Aug 2013
    Favourite buff? Now that's an easy question.

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    Aug 2016
    What is your favorite buff?

    damage incresed !!

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    Run speed for sure!

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    My favorite Buff

    my favorite buff is improved cry of the chorus

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    My favorite buff would half to be the Captain's Last Stand buff. A true hero doesn't know when to stop fighting.

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    "Find the Path" is my favorite buff.

    The faster I can run away from roaming threats the better!


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    Find the Path

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    Sep 2008
    Escaping Mizzery, one tart at a time.
    Fave buff?

    That warm fuzzy feeling after consuming well-prepared Flounder.

    Runner-up: That light breezy feeling after consuming good Brandy.

    Brandy: Cupcakes of Doom.
    Landro: Trueheart Companions.

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    Jun 2011
    Somewhere over the rainbow
    That would be blade brother!

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    Oregon City, OR
    As a mini, my favorite buff is do not fall.....

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    Since my two main toons are mini and cappy, I am very jealous of the hunter run speed. Whenever I am in a FS or raid with hunters and I see those leaves beneath my feet... joy...


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