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    [LANDROVAL] Scavenger Hunt Charity Marathon Stream

    When: July 1st, 9AM Eastern (server) time until the series is complete.

    Where: Landroval

    Who: Kyraine, red-line Minstrel.

    Watch: twitch.tv/druidsfire

    Why: To raise money for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital (stjude.org) in the name of the excellent LotRO community.

    What: To run all ten character-themed anniversary scavenger hunt quests back to back.

    Rewards: 500 LP raffles after every year's quest is complete. Random raffles throughout the day featuring cloaks, titles, cosmetics, and possibly a mount or two, all account-wide unlocks. *

    * Must be following Druidsfire's Twitch channel to win. Also, winner must reply in Twitch chat within a couple of minutes of their name being called or a new winner will be chosen.

    Notes: While viewers are welcome to join in, this will involve running the quests as quickly as possible via swift travel, milestones, and Mithril Coins on the Stablemaster's map. We will not be in a position to carry low-level characters through the quests. There will be a timer, but that'll mostly be for funsies.

    Also Note: The donation link available during the stream will point directly to the St. Jude donation site. Druidsfire will not have access to these funds, as is proper.

    Details: Time to drop out of speaking in the third person. Hi, I'm Druidsfire, one of the streamers who is permitted a show on the official LotRO Twitch channel. I've been a player since Open Beta as a lifetime VIP, and I love the anniversary quests because they're hitting me in the feels with nostalgia for this lovely game that I've played for all ten years. I wanted to do a semi-serious speed-run of the character-themed quests for giggles, in homage to the time I ran with Professor Corey Olsen when he took 14 hours to blaze through the Moria epic questline with only a modicum of stopping to gawk at the architecture and tapestries (a little in-joke if you ever watch him stream on the official LotRO channel or his own). However, one of the things I love most about the LotRO community is its generosity. In past years, previous community managers have organized charity efforts that I've contributed to, but I wanted to join in and help do a bit of fundraising myself for a change. I chose St. Jude because I have friends who have needed their services for themselves or their loved ones, and it's a world-recognized charity. You can click on their link above to learn more about the work they do. I hope you will join me either in-game or in my Twitch channel. I'll do my best to be entertaining.

    See you there!
    What I do, I do in the name of peace.

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    I'm gratified and humbled to report that the charity stream, which lasted 17.5 hours, was able to shatter two goals and raise a grand total of...

    ... wait for it...


    (Edited to account for a sneaky last second donation cos my dear SouthernBelle927 likes round numbers.)

    Thank you so much to the community who helped make this possible, whether it was to donate, to run with me in-game, to hang out in Twitch chat, who followed, RTed, or however you participated. It meant so much to me. You are truly the best gaming community out there.

    I also wrote a lengthier blog about the stream that includes some screenshots and an amusing Twitch clip. Both segments of the stream (Twitch had a hiccup 3/4 of the way in) are saved as permanent highlights on my Twitch channel listed above. You can read the blog at http://www.druidsfire.com/gaming-the...tro-community/.

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    What I do, I do in the name of peace.



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