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How about a persistent and dynamic battle that anyone could join at will. The Black Gate would make a good example.

Let's say a 3-man team could hold the ground in front of the gate, with a variable stream of mobs always headed their way. Low percent chance of looting anything of notable value.

It might take a 6-man team to move just inside the gate and handle a greater stream of enemy. Tweaked percent chance of looting anything great.

A raid could push well inside Mordor. As real estate is cleared, unique crafting elements could be harvested, unique pieces of gear could be found in lootable chests, etc. A kin may want to hold the enemy at bay while harvesters defend/work the land for extended periods of time.

Perhaps pushing far enough towards Mount Doom would gain the party access to dungeons or other side quests. But if too many leave the front lines to attend to side quests, their escape route may collapse behind them.

As the raid loses steam, the bubble they've created would pop and the push would begin again from outside the gate.

It would be lovely to have this as a non-layered, non-instanced scenario, where we could feel the entire community working together. If the tech isn't there, instances would still be fun. There would just need to be a persistent PUG instance always running so all could join (and drop out of) at will.
Nice, but who is going to stay behind to hold the gate and benefit nothing from it, while the others are looting everything inside? You?

I like the idea, though. It does sound like something MMOs were invented for.