I recently hit 105 and haven't properly made my way to the Host of the West camp yet, but through getting summoned to RT raids in the wastes I found myself there.

I have to say it's extremely overwhelming looking at all the barter options. This may be a function of my character only just starting east Gondor quests (haven't done anything past that), but as I go through all the barter NPC's it's thoroughly confusing.

One thing that might help, I think, would be to organize the barter NPC's by class. In the old days you would have class barterers outside of the Rift, or in the Moors, and it made it much easier to sort through the options that are relevant for you. Obviously there would be additional barter NPC's for things like jewelry.

Forgive my ignorance as I'm new to 105, but I left the Host of the West camp with a headache trying to go through the huge number of options and permutations for everything you can barter.