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    Most beautiful area in LOTRO

    I had the good fortune of taking another player to the Pristine Glade outside of the Dunbog in Dunland. I told him to expect a beautiful area and was rewarded by his awe of the area. This place is my number one, most beautiful (and unexpected) area in LOTRO. Taking another player there only renewed my appreciation of that glade. I've been through it many times and appreciated it every time. For those of you who have never been there, I hope you take your time to enjoy it. For those of you who have seen it, I wonder if you appreciate it as much as I do. Special thanks to the developers of this area. I don't know if you are still around, but, if not, present developers should visit this area to see how well the graphics look. Thanks.

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    One of my favourite places is the beautiful orchard at Pierson's Farm, just south of Bree's southern gate. The orchard of apple trees is walled, with an arched gateway, and there are flower beds. At the centre of the orchard is a wooden gazebo, which would make a very desirable cosmetic yard item.

    Continuing the farm theme, I also get pleasure from visiting the farmstead, complete with windmills, at Hytbold. The pastoral aspect of Rohan is one of the most beautiful parts of the game.
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    This is the Pristine Glade, nice place for its time:

    Here is 1 of my favorites at North Ithilien:

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    The Pristine Glade is always nice here's a good screenshot.

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    For me it is Gwindethrond. The cave of the Blue Lady in Evendim. Not a quest chain many follow anymore. Years ago there was a concert on Landy hosted there. We escorted all the lowbies (the cap was like 65 at the time) and then the Hunters ported them back to Bree after the event. Stands out as one of the really great moments for me in LOTRO. I still visit the cave now and then to remember how much fun we had just getting there.

    At work, so I cannot go take a screenshot, but here is one from Lotro-wiki: https://lotro-wiki.com/images/d/d3/Gwindethrond.jpg

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    Not exactly a place, but one of the greatest pieces of art in the game is the door to the Balrog's room in The Rift.

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    The western side of Evendim. The lake. The hills. The trees. I commented not long ago to my kin that it felt like I was visiting a national park.

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    Too many to choose from. I’m continually awestruck by the varietythey manage to weld in. Finally questing through Old Anorien and South Ithilienright now and it seems like every new area I encounter is my new favourite. Andalways amazed how they cram all these little surprises and seemingly wide openvistas into areas that are really quite tiny.

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