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    I'm torn between two living options; on one hand, I'd love to live in Rivendell, but besides potentially living there towards the end of its existence and potentially being the only one left, I'd probably also be the lone human in permanent residence out there. It'd be a bit awkward to have me age while the neighbors look the same as ever.

    Barring that, I'd choose Dol Amroth. Besides the architecture being stone instead of wood primarily (a much more durable material with far less maintenance needed), it suffers far less from the War of the Ring than, say, Minas Tirith. Being seaside means there are jobs available as fishermen and shiphands, and besides, its one of the oldest human settlements in Middle-earth that hasn't been abandoned. A long history, better construction, work available- I could see Dol Amroth being a good choice.
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    What town would you live in, in-game?

    Annuminas, once we finish clearing out those Angmarim! My craft-happy alts could help in the re-building process. Or a cottage overlooking Lake Evendim, for that country living. Ok, or anywhere in Rohan. The game is darn beautiful.
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    What town would you live in, in-game?

    The (still) peaceful and lively Shire

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    Which town would you want to live in in-game?

    I would live in Bree-town; the Prancing Pony Inn is nice, the town has an auction house and a bank. Bree-town also has beautiful surroundings.
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    Minas Tirith would be my first choice. I love the scholar and artist levels.

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    Goblin Town. So much to do. And even more to smell.

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    Thumbs up Which town would you want to live in in-game?

    In the Elvenking's Halls of the Woodland Realm.

    (I hope this region will be implemented someday.^^)

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    Trestlebridge. After the siege, real estate prices have to be at a record low, especially with all the orcs and wights up in Fornost. Adventurers will deal with those, though, the landscape's gorgeous, and it's only what, a day's ride from Bree? Good life.

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    I like having the amenities of a large city nearby, but I'm not so keen on urban living. I think I'd choose Staddle. It's a lovely, quiet town with some beautiful scenery (just don't wander too far into Midgewater). And Bree is just a short walk away when you want to go to the pub, do some shopping, or experience the fireworks during festivals.

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    Rivendell, although I'm a little concerned about the cell phone reception.

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    I have always fancied having a Hole in Hobbiton on "the" hill. Could be just a door or two down from the Gamgees, be near two inn's for good beer. Plus the fishing and farmland very near at hand, with the mill right down the road. I would be very content indeed to live in such peaceful surroundings! ^_^

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    What do you mean, "if" I lived in Middle Earth?

    I assure you that my rent is paid up well in advance, so don't even think of trying to evict me!

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    i'd like to live in Sûri-kylä

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    Either in Michel Delving (which is where my first character is originally from anyhow), or maybe up near Lake Evendim (absolutely gorgeous scenery up there).

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    I'd live in Stock, The Shire.
    - Has a pub.
    - By a river.
    - Far from most baddies.
    -Close to two main towns (MD & Bree).
    -Has good pie.
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    Which town would you want to live in in-game?

    Celondim or Duillond, I love those pink blooming trees! Journeying in Gondor now, but still go visit those

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    Northcotton - nice, easy going village. No matter the problem, there are always some friendly volunteer visitors helping out to return the farm animals to their rightful places, even feed them! And the festival in the market seems to be an eternal affair.

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    Which town would you want to live in in-game?
    Dol Guldur, in Southern Mirkwood

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    The one place through which all players pass and continue to sojourn,
    with stables connecting to everywhere and anywhere..
    Bree is the obvious choice.

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    I'd love to live in Floodwend in the Wold!

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    I would want to live in Rivendell with the beautiful mountains, rivers and waterfalls. One of the most beautiful places in middle earth!
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    Edoras - I have the deed to a house there because 2 brothers could not agree, though I would petition the King to get a Vault service there

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    I'd live in Hobbiton, and love it!
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