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    Even though I'm a hobbit through and through I can't help but say Caras Galadhon, if they'd have me. If not, I'll go for Buckland. Right by the river, a craft-faire, Brandy Hall, and rather adventurous hobbits all around. If I get bored I can go walking in a haunted forest.
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    Which town would you want to live in in-game?


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    Little Delving

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mercho View Post
    Which town would you want to live in in-game?
    That's a tough question, but I would say Caras Galadhon. Such a lovely place, and I love climbing things so the ladders to the talons wouldn't be an issue.
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    The Shire
    Which town would you want to live in in-game?

    I would love ter settle down on a small farm in the town of Longbottom in the Southfarthing!

    Preferably one with some pipeweed fields!

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    I would love to either reside in the Shire someplace or in Lothlorien!

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    Which town would you want to live in in-game?

    Not an easy question. Let it be Snowbourn.

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    Which town would you want to live in in-game?

    The 7th Tier of Minas Tirith (After-Battle!)! Blue skies, no rubble, and best of all: no ramps if you're a hermit who refuses to leave the top!
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    Where would I want to live if I could do so in-game? So many choices, decisions, decision, hoom, hom. This will take a while.
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    Which town would you want to live in in-game? Imloth Melui - It's flowers are lovely.

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    Well I tried to think of something original, but in the end the most sincere answer would be Bree. Busy town with winding roads, many cozy corners, friendly citizens and just the right amount of weird and unsettling features (cat lady's house, animated toys, a frickin' WIGHT wandering the neighborhhod) to make it stay interesting. Rivendell would be a close second due to the magnificent interaction between achitecture and nature, but in comparison it lacks that weirdness factor.

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    Minas Tirith, on the Sage's tier. You'd find me in the old archives, most of the time.

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    Which town would i live....

    I would live in Rivendell and Shire...6 months each..lol
    Since lotro, it had become my fantasy(secret wish) to live in middle earth

    Thank You,SSG (and TURBINE)

    Good luck for Mordor!!!!
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    Which town would you want to live in in-game?
    Dol Amroth

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    Easy! Caras Galadhon

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    Which town would you want to live in in-game?
    Little Delving, I'd say! Very quaint little village.

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    Calembel, or more specifically farmstead south of the town. Ever since I quested there for the first time, place just seemed perfect. River, mountains, valley and no filthy orcsis, few unruly bandits but nothing I cant handle

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    Pelargir before the battle(s)
    Maybe MT.
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    Taramthir of the Laiquendi Order
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    Which town would you want to live in in-game?
    Aldburg in Eastfold. There are so many beautiful areas in Rohan, but this one always seems the most magical and quaint. The dark trees and wooded forest setting seem so enchanting to me.
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    Any of the ice-bound towns, but I think mostly Forlaw. Lots of hunting, forests to dig into, orcs to kill and warm fires, food, and friendly people when you're done exploring. Can't ask for more.
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    Most definitely Budgeford. I love the countryside and Budgeford is great. Nice countryside and farmsteads but still close-ish to Bree so that I can get news of things going on around Middle-earth.
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    Thorin's Hall.

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    in the greatest city of men: MINAS TIRITH


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