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    Of Gladden SPIES - The Rules, as per the Bill Ferny Gang

    Hello Gladden. Do you think you have avoided the calamity that is The Bill Ferny Gang so easily? No sirs and madams, I'm afraid to say that you have not.

    Rather imagine that behind the scenes, over the past few weeks, while Gladden has been sleepily questing about middle earth, as they do, darker shapes have been moving in the backdrop. Busily moving, in fact, but quiet as a warg in wait. Things are in motion, my lads, that will make a certain multi-coloured old stick in the mud awful happy -- you can take that from me, I may not know much, but I know THAT much.

    Because you see I'm just the messenger. And I'm only here to let you know...

    Rule 1 - They Are Out There There are, at this very moment, a handful of Official Bill Ferny Gang spies scattered throughout the major and minor Kins of Gladden. However they are not mean-spirited spies -- they aren't relaying me any information on your Kin, whatsoever. They are just there to be found out, to be caught red-handed, and to be turned in for a BFG Reward!

    Rule 2 - How to Catch One If you think you have caught a Spy in your Kin, it will do no good shouting about it at the top of your lungs. Noone will believe you, that's first. In fact they may even think you are trying to throw them off the scent, and that YOU are the real spy, afterall. No, in fact the only effective way to deal with a Spy once you have found them out, is to convince your Kin Leader to fill out and to send a Spy Removal Voucher to The Bill Ferny gang.

    Rule 3 - Spy Removal Vouchers How do you get a Spy Removal Voucher? Every Kin is given a FREE one on the 1st of each IRL month. This is because the Bill Ferny Gang is kind and helpful. To use this Voucher, you must convince your Kin Leader to send an in-game mail to your Kin's BFG Representative (if your Kin does not have a Rep yet, send it to Haletha instead). PLEASE MAKE SURE: a) the title has “Voucher” in it somewhere, b) to include a 10 gold processing fee [Well, almost Free!], and c) make sure that your email includes the name of ONE member of your kin. If that member happens to be an Official BFG Spy, your Kin Leader will be notified with your further Spy Removal Benefits.

    Rule 4 - Clues! For every 3 Wrong Guesses, your Kin Leader will receive a Clue as to who the spy might possibly be. This clue will NOT come from me, it will come from your Spy, him/herself! (In fact, if your Kin has a Representative, it's likely that the Rep is just an alt of the Spy you have in your Kin! Who better to give you clues about her existance, then the spy herself ) It is encouraged that the Kin Leader share the clues with their Kinnies so that you all might put forward a better attempt on your next Voucher.

    Rule 5 - Extra Vouchers Want additional Spy Removal Vouchers? Too bad! You only get ONE each month!

    Rule 6 - BFG REWARDS! This has already been lightly touched on, but what DO you get if you catch a Spy?? If your Kin happens to guess rightly and are able to remove a Spy – your Kin Leader will be refunded exactly HALF of the Gold that your Kin has spent on Spy Removal Vouchers (the other half will have gone to paying for the spy!). Furthermore, your Kin Leader will be granted a BFG Reward, in the way of Gear, Lootboxes, Cosmetics, Crafting Mats, and/or other goods from the treasuries of the Bill Ferny Gang, as befitting your Kin status and the length of stay for your particular Spy (the larger the Kin, the longer the Spy was there, the larger the BFG Reward will be). And last but certainly not least! If your Kin successfully removes a Spy, you will be immune to Bill Ferny Gang spies for the next three IRL months.

    Rule 7 - But You Can Opt Out If you are a Kin leader, and after reading over these Rules you are unconvinced that this will be fun and interesting for you or your members, please send an in game mail to Haletha and I will be sure to remove your Kin from the list of those participating.

    Those are The Rules, as of 10/3/18 (may be updated in the future)

    Hints and Tips:
    This section will grow as time passes, in case things become to difficult for the Kins to pin down their particular Spies.

    Hint #1: There will only ever be ONE spy in any Gladden Kin. Once a Kin has been infiltrated by a Spy, no more Spies will be allowed until the current one is caught. And then remember, once you catch him/her, you will have a 3 IRL month window of Spy-free Lotro'ing! How cool is that!

    Tip #2: If you have an inkling to become a Bill Ferny Gang Spy, don't worry! This is all just done in fun -- you will not be asked for any information on your beloved Kin, and after you are found out you will still remain a member of your original Kin, and will have ZERO affiliation with the Bill Ferny Gang. No strings attached!


    As a final note, and I'm sure that Shar--I mean, I'm sure the bosses won't mind if I add a bit of something in here for the Gang. You see The Bill Ferny Gang is always looking for new [Spies], and is currently even looking for new [Members].

    [Official BFG Spies]: Love your Kin and want to poke a bit of fun at them, while making a few gold on the side? Become an Official Bill Ferny Gang Spy and make your Kin Leader’s nightmares come true! You know what to do by now – send an in-game mail to Haletha, or msg any known member of the BFG Gang!

    [BFG Members]: Join us to help cause good-natured mischief about Gladden! Put your own spin on the role, but you aren’t really role-playing, either! The Kin tag will do most of the work for you, it’s like the best of both worlds! I can tell you from personal experience that it’s a blast! Send an in-game mail to Haletha, and we can -- oh, nevermind! Just got word from the higher ups... NO MORE HIRING. Least for the time being. If you are interested in joining, you may send an in game mail to Haletha to be put on The List.

    That should do it! To wrap things up for those TL;DR’ers: Gladden is infested with spies! And there's no hope for any of you! Pah!

    (Oh, and Kin Leaders who find this idea palatable, or even, dare I should think it, fun!, please send Haletha an in game mail --- I want to speak with you as soon as possible!!!)
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    To answer a few questions that I'm getting:

    "We get half of the Voucher money back?"
    Yes! Basically think of this whole thing as a raffle. You pay 10g each month, to be able to guess at who you think might be acting as a Spy in your Kin. Any failed guesses will save up 5g for when you do finally guess right (I will keep dutiful track of EVERYthing).

    But this is only if you think you have a Spy. If you don't think you have one? No need to turn in your Voucher for the month. But I can tell you that they are out there, and they are spying on you, my dear Gladden Kins. It's up to you to find them!

    "How will we know a Spy?"
    You may not even have any clues yet, as to who among your Kin is an Official BFG Spy. You see they are tasked to hand out clues to their existence as they may. Or maybe they won't give out any clues for quite some time yet, and are content to spy for a while before risking their position. Ofcourse that's what I would do.

    "What happens to a Spy when she is found out?"
    Hopefully nothing! They are just messing around, and now that you have found them out -- your Kin should be showered in a rich BFG Reward. Maybe even give that Spy some of the earnings! Afterall she put in a lot of work to get you guys to that point! Then, hopefully, you won't have to worry about that silly Bill Ferny Gang for a while. Wouldn't that be great?

    [Reserved for Moar Questions]
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    Tacked onto the boarded up door of the old Bill Ferny Gang HQ:

    "Spyfest has been CANCELED."

    Left on the steps; a moldy old apple. Maybe even the very one ol' Sam threw, not so long ago.

    And no sight nor sound has been seen of the Gang, since.

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    Jan 2017
    Remember what I told thee in game?

    One of the most unique kin advert I've seen since the official release of LOTRO.

    Marvelously written. Brilliantly executed. Very amusing and interesting. Well done.

    I can highly recommend this kinship.

    The player behind all this is a very honest,funny and open minded.

    We need more similar people who aren't afraid of trying something new and unique!

    Hal A+

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sidelong22 View Post
    Tacked onto the boarded up door of the old Bill Ferny Gang HQ:

    "Spyfest has been CANCELED."

    Left on the steps; a moldy old apple. Maybe even the very one ol' Sam threw, not so long ago.

    And no sight nor sound has been seen of the Gang, since.
    But over the past few months, if anyone had been paying attention -- there was a bustle about that decrepid old HQ, and maybe where once it was empty for months on end..

    ..these days perhaps it is less so.



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