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    Belfalas Kinship Houses--No Islands left?

    Our kin finally reached Rank 7 and we were looking forward to buying one of the island kinship houses, on Tol Falthui or Tol Lochul islands. But when we went to the list there weren't any left. Are more going to be added? Seems like if people are going to shell out the cash, they are more likely to go for the islands because there are a lot of regular kinship houses left on the main belfalas housing area. The island houses are double the outdoor decoration hooks, so it's understandable.

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    I think it's possible that more neighbourhoods will be added in the future -- however it's really sad to see that éven tho my whole neighbourhood is sold out (with the exception of 2-3 houses) 90% of the players do completely nothing with their houses. The 2 kinship islands have no decorations placed, only 1-2 vendor trees, yet they reserve the spot. Most of the players only buy these houses as storage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Balgass View Post
    90% of the players do completely nothing with their houses.
    Could this be because Belfalas appears quite inviting from the outside, but, once you're stuck there, you realise what a ghastly, God-forsaken hellhole it actually is? The houses are dismal and dreary, and resemble mausoleums. The homes are not 'homely', and suggest derelict banks/courthouses/museums in a recession hit Detroit. The island kinhouses evoke images of Alcatraz, and I wouldn't be surprised if in some future expansion, there is a Belfalas instance in which groups have to rescue the unfortunate inhabitants before they succumb to despair.

    Just my opinion, but not creating a Rohan homesteads was a missed opportunity. Some of the most beautiful exterior/interior decor can be found in Rohan, and just picture a meadhall kinhouse!

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    I agree with you, even though the landscape and the see looks amazing. And with a filled yard you can't even notice the mausoleums. But hands down, if there will ever be a Rohan housing area, I'm immediately moving there, without a second thought.

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    I entirely agree about Rohan.

    And I hope that some new areas will be added with or before Mordor even though the Mordor notes mention nothing about housing. If not new areas, at least new neighborhoods.

    I am waiting on a premium house to see if they do anything. While I do not predict it I wouldn't be shocked to see several tiers of Mordor packages and pre-order packages with at least one extra in the more expensive versions relating to housing.



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