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    Can't log in. Game crashes out

    Hi Folks.

    So, I logged in fine this morning with no problems, enjoyed a couple of hours play. But then I had to log off to get on with my daily chores and stuff.

    I came back this afternoon and decided to have another session. But I can't.

    I can do the initial log in, I get to the server selection screen, click on enter game. But then I just get kicked out and the log in window closes.

    I did notice that Windows did update itself with something that looked like a sizable patch in between the two sessions.

    Does anybody know if this is a game issue or a windows issue? And can you suggest to an 'old fart' what he can try to do.

    Currently using Windows 10
    UK based
    Trying to log into Laurelin.

    Thanks in advance.

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    "Currently using Windows 10"

    AH, I see your problem.

    There is an easy fix.

    Install Win7 and manually block all the spyware and telemetry updates.

    On a more serious note, can you do OS roll backs on Win10?? If so try doing it - and if the game works, use something like Acronis Home Backup to make an image of your OS and keep it safe; then when M$ shaft you again, it only takes a few minutes to restore your system.

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    What is your current Windows version? You can see that under Settings/System/About.
    If it is version 1703, you just got the Creator's update. All kinds of things could have happened in that case. First thing that comes to mind is that Defender is activated because of that, or that the Windows Firewall settings have changed.

    Are there any recent files in C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Local\The Lord of the Rings Online? Lotroclient.log could be helpful, if it is recent.

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    Might be an issue with the new windows 10 update as I've had problems as well.

    In the end I had to uninstall the game and re-download it which fixed the problem - not ideal but at least I can play again

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    Any luck yet?



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