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    Quest: "Dark and Shallow Water" breaks immersion.

    This is about the Moria quest "Dark and Shallow Water." Spoilers if you're new (like me) and haven't done that region.

    Disclaimer: I'm a player who likes roleplay and immersion. If you're not that type of player and everything's just a game with numerical outcomes and objectives, this post really won't mean much to you.

    I've already done Forochel. Forochel has bodies of water that can insta-kill your character.
    -The existence of such a game-mechanic is relevant below.

    In Moria, I've already seen:
    -A fungus that infects your character and makes your vision go all creepy for a while.
    -A fungus that infects the bodies of orcs/goblins, consuming and growing from them (gross).

    I get to the Water-works, and one of the very first quests establishes:
    -All of the water in the Water-works is full of an infectious fungus.
    -No way I'm stepping my bare hobbit-foot in that water.

    Further, we have a dwarf complaining that there are also leeches in the fungus-infested water. Leeches. The things that attach themselves to your body and cause wounds so that they can drink your blood. In the water. In the fungus-infested water.
    -NO WAY I'm stepping my bare hobbit-foot in that water.

    What's the next quest?
    -Swim through the water looking for goblin corpses where the leeches and fungus are the worst.
    -Reward: some reputation and 26 silver.

    ...are you crazy!?

    I'm sure in terms of game-mechanic it's safe to swim through the water and complete the quest in like 5 minutes, then move on. But in a game where there's water that can insta-kill you (Forochel), where you've established there is nasty fungus that messes with your mind and consumes your body, in the very water-- why, why is the very next quest swimming through the water? You just ripped the teeth out of your own story, writers.

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    I see what you did there (with the title).

    I have the same problem all over the US. Pretty much every body of fresh water can contain leeches and there's plenty of fungus as well, especially in the regions that don't freeze in the winter. The hot and dry areas give you poisonous insects and snakes instead.

    And yes, I've been to Australia and know full well why you guys are laughing at what I just wrote.
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    Maybe you have some potent antibiotics with you, that kill these germs within seconds.

    I see the issue as you do - and I thought the same way, wondering why I should swim through brack water full of the most diverse kinds of nasties. Still you'll have to enter the water again and again, much like in Everswim. BTW: How do I make sure that the waters of Lake Nenuial (a bit north of the Northfarthings) - which feed a very brown Brandywine - are still pure? There are not only Angmarim there, but masses of Kergrim which look anything but clean. Well, if I managed to survive this, the Waterworks will be just another nuisance...

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