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    Apr 2017
    East Mids - UK

    Expert Jeweller, farmer, woodworker, weaponsmith, tailor and cook LFW on Laurelin

    Hi folks,
    I love crafting and I'm looking for some business please which isn't easy to find when you're new to the game and most people are in the upper tiers level-wise.

    But if there are any fellow noobs that need anything made up to and including expert tier (20+), then please send a mail with a hello and what you'd like please and what payment you're offering.. I'll happily make up your order and COD it over.

    Mail/PM/add to friends either Spirithand or Cowbag (on these two mostly)..

    Also looking for fellow lowbies to run the noob instances..

    Viva Le Laurelin and ty


    Alt - The Minstrel known as Cowbag of Laurelin.

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    Mar 2016
    Hopefully these are all different toons and you might also wish to add a scholar to the mix. Journals, crafting lore, dyes and various potions are quite useful. I started with 4 toons covering all possible crafts but it soon became apparent that to be marginally useful, one needs high guild standing, and that means dedicated alt for each of the 7 crafts. For the main, Explorer is the best vocation as it enables him to feed resources to everyone else.

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    Instead of posting here, I recommend you post on your server forum.
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