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    Wake up Call Everyone to new Devs

    All recall Pres Obama's sentate race (or what is House?)

    He won it not be defeating his enemy; but by having all his competition removed from the ballot.

    I feel like I"m being like-wised contested, but basically, just because I exist.

    What is most satisfying? Killing your enemy? Forcing him to quit? Or convincing Devs to ban him from playing the game?

    It's the last that concerns me.

    A heated and heartfelt discussion in /world chat some 9-10 days ago found it's way into the forums and suddenly I'm a 2 pt winner for breaking forum rules?!

    Suspect they hoped/wanted me banned for life. Bad for them, but not good for me either.

    I put this out for ALL. You can no longer talk your mind in any chat forum on the game ever. Seems everything you ever say in chat is 100% ""CAN AND WILL BE USED AGAINST YOU AS IF YOU POSTED IT IN FORUMS YOURSELF!""

    I want to say this is ridiculous, nefarious, stupid, paranoia; but sadly it's not.


    Even if I search on my own, I can find no post authored by me that corresponds to the accusations against me. I didn't post it, but the fact I said it 'EVER' was reason enough for a penalty.

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    I checked your post history; there's a lot of outright abrasive and guideline-breaching stuff in just the first page of posts that I checked.

    You lash out violently and aggressively with little to no provocation, both when people respond to you, and also when people don't respond to you.

    Forum accounts and game accounts are not linked in any disciplinary way; if you were warned on your forum account, it will be for your own, personal, behaviour here on the forum. Looking at what I can see of your post history, I would not be surprised if you were sitting on multiple infractions, because a good deal of what you have posted that I have checked looks infractory.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Harla View Post
    because a good deal of what you have posted that I have checked looks infractory.
    I think you invented a word... I like it!
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    You were not infracted for anything said in world chat, nor for quoting someone else's post, but for choosing to directly state on the forums: "i'd drop kick this Piece of #### Kin into eternity and never give them time of day."

    Since we don't discuss moderation on the public forums, this thread is now closed.
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