Based on what I know about the blindfolded trip from Echad Andestel to Cerin Amroth, I was looking for these remembrances at a completely different location. I ended up looking up the location on lotrowiki, because I would never have looked for them where they are in the game.

This what Tolkien has to say about that sequence:

- the Fellowship did not go in a north, but south away from their camp, and followed the Nimrodel
- the crossed the river via a rope bridge, the remnants of which you can even find in the game
- after this crossing, they were blindfolded and led to Cerin Amroth

Needless to say, I hunted for the remembrances all over the woods between the rope bridge and Cerin Amroth. Never once did it dawn on me to look north of Echad Andestel.

IMO, this is a lore-blunder that could have easily been avoided.