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    Ministrel vs champ for soloinv at lvl cap ?

    This might sound weird but I anjoy both equaly in group. Playing both for several months I cant make my mind on healing vs dpsing. I wont raid so most of my gameplay will be farming and grouping with friends when possible so I value soloability.

    I know both can solo really fast on open field but who will win at dungeon soloing ? Or killinh hard stuff ? Wish one can accomplish the most solo ?

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    If you want to solo dungeons roll a warden.
    Otherwise champion hands up. The dps difference is huge and red champ has very little survivability problems with half decent gear.

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    Champion is really strong solo class for irrelevant T2CM instances as long as you have multiple opponents attacking you. Champ is such superior class for that kind of soloing. And in generally just stronger class.

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    Minstrel doing fine too doing orrelvant old instances t2c, the mobility during dmg and their ownheal gives a lot advantages.
    Look at the moors a creep 3 man have more problems with a min as with a champ wich are near zero.
    Both are needed in 6man+-groups mins in 3man too.
    yellow mins are loved,champs are rocking.



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