Here are the Release Notes for Update 20.1.1, released on Tuesday, April 25th.

News and Notes:

Anniversary Event

  • There are now no quest requirements to travel to the Dead Marshes from the Cave of the Avorrim.
  • The Lone-lands Reflecting Pool now offers any version of the quests for Instance: Red-pass or Instance: Retaking Weathertop that you have not already completed. This allows players who previously completed group versions of the instances to complete Year 2 Trifles: Reflections. This also means that if you want to use the Lone-lands Reflecting Pool to replay an Epic Instance, and you have not completed all versions of these quests, you will need to accept the quests before the Reflecting Pool will list the re-playable encounters. You can cancel any quest you do not want to complete after you are done with the Reflecting Pool.


  • Cape of Belfalas - Kinship House: The entire second story floor now accepts floor colour and floor surface appearances again.


  • The original colors of The Ranger's Cloak and the War-cloak of Isildur have been restored.


  • Evendim - A Formal Complaint: Defeating Will Tuffin in a single attack will no longer cause him to run back inside without properly updating the quest objective.


  • Fixed some German localization issues.