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    Behind you

    How Many Hours Have You Played?

    My curiosity got piqued as to how much time I've spent playing lotro.

    It looks like according to what came up when I typed "/played" it comes out to about 865 hours played in 16 months on this one character alone out of 9.

    I'll check the others as I cycle them through the festival I've been playing about 12 straight hours lol. Will be interesting to see what the grand total is.

    How about you? Or would you rather not know? lol

    This guy is fairly new. No, I didn't name them all after me

    This is an interesting similarity in time played, because this is a much older toon.
    But I guess that's how long it takes me to get one to lvl 45. I don't know if that's good or not.

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    Can't grab screenshots cause I'm at work, but I just checked last week and my main hit exactly 4 months played. Haven't checked on my 3 alts that I regularly spend time on. That number would be a lot higher, but I had a 3 year hiatus due to some computer issues.
    CAANJAAL - 115 HNT R7, CAANDHUIL - 115 HE CHMP, CAANAGER - 115 WRD R5, CAANJOB - 28 BRG, CAANRI - 16 GRD ---- Rangers of the West; CAANTHIR - 9 HE WRD - Gladden
    CAANJAAL - 115 HE HNT R5, CAANTHIR - 11 HE WRD ---- Du Bekar; CAANVALD - 12 BN ---- Bearly Legal - Arkenstone

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    Looks like I can only do so many images per post.

    This is Esrador's wife and Elrashea's sister. Anyone else assign their characters that way?

    My little burglar.

    And one more I hardly ever play and pretty much use as a mule.

    Well that's it for Crickhollow.

    I'll skip adding up the 8 I have on Brandywine.
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    I've been playing my primary character, a Lore-master, since 22nd December 2008. So far, I've spent 5 month 3 weeks 6 days 19 hours and 11 minutes on that alt

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    After getting one character up to 70+ I had to restart on a new server to have someone to talk to (my old server was larger but I was very lonely there and moved to a server with a more social direction ). One of my current highest level characters has been played 8 months 2 weeks 4 days 2 hours 19 minutes (don't remember when I created him but I'm going to guess 2013 which may or may not be completely off XD). I won't check the rest of my characters because they are so many and I'm busy gathering Anniversary Tokens to buy a billion goats
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    I've never looked and never plan to - some things are better left unknown, and for me, the time I've sunk into this game is one of them.
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    Erebdraug Level 101 Rank 9 Warden [04/[21 05:03:37 PM] You have been playing for: 3 months 1 week 3 days 7 hours 36 minutes 22 seconds
    Erebelleth Level 100 Rank 7 Runekeeper [04/21 05:05:03 PM] You have been playing for: 3 weeks 5 days 12 hours 54 minutes 8 seconds
    Erebris Level 100 Minstrel [04/21 05:06:21 PM] You have been playing for: 2 weeks 2 days 16 hours 4 minutes 6 seconds
    Xaels Level 96 Burglar [04/21 05:07:45 PM] You have been playing for: 1 week 2 days 18 hours 50 minutes 22 seconds
    Icrine Rank 7 Warg [04/21 05:09:48 PM] You have been playing for: 1 week 4 hours 38 minutes 51 seconds

    5,654 hours logged on Steam

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    2750 hours on Steam (been using it to launch the game since late 2013 or so) Double that amount would be a conservative estimate for my playtime from 2007-2013. Nowadays I just log in every couple of weeks to change the MotD (dead kin, little interest in playing)

    Main - Hunter, my primary toon up until 2010 or so when I started playing captain more due to raiding needs of my kinship.
    6 months and 2 weeks

    Alts - Level 105s
    1 month and 2 weeks
    1 week and 5 days
    1 month
    3 months and 1 week (captain)

    Sub 105 alts -
    About 5 months total between 14 toons
    Weekend at Bill Ferny's - Arkenstone (formerly of Windfola)
    Nanci - 115 Captain / Hirandiel - 115 Hunter / Hilidimar - 112 Minstrel / Hildibjorg - 107 Guardian / Hervor - 109 Champion / Theshocker - 95 Runekeeper

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    Last time I looked at /played, it was right at a year-and-a-half of play time on my RK.

    Casinoari - Rank 15 RK
    Malakorou - Rank 10 Defiler
    Casinari - Original Challenger of Saruman Minstrel



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