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    Jun 2011
    happy anniversary... many years to come, we hope...

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    Jan 2017
    Well, apart from engaging in festival activities (kudos for the Scavenger Hunt, I'm thoroughly enjoying it despite my higher character being only 75, thus possibly preventing me from completing each and every quest), I'm starting to systematically complete my long overdue Eriador deeds in respective order.

    So far I've completed up to the Misty Mountains and I'm close to complete Evendim as well. I just need to finish the rest until Dunland, then repeat with 6 other toons.

    Wish me luck XD

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    looking forward to what Cord next trows at us.

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    Jan 2007
    You guys have got me all nostalgic for the days of completing my Rift armour and our first Balrog kill... I hope to find a new kin to get me excited about playing again...

    RIP Dragon Snacks of Gladden server. You are missed.
    O Elbereth! Gilthoniel! We remember, we who dwell, in this far land beneath the trees, the starlight on the western seas...

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    What are your characters doing to celebrate 10 years of Lord of the Rings Online?

    Collecting Niels' Bounties

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    I'll be celebrating by doing some redecorating

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    Dec 2016
    What are your characters doing to celebrate 10 years of Lord of the Rings Online?

    Enjoying the scavenger hunt

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hakiryu View Post
    Get my 1 year /played on my main char Hakiryu
    Congratulations, you are this week's winner! PM incoming with a code.
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    Weekly Question 9

    Edit: Oops - wrong thread...
    "...At least it tells us they understand our language; they're just not willing to speak to us in it. -Who knew they were French?"

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    Scavanging, scavanging, scavanging, and the other festival quests too.

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    Apr 2016
    The Shire
    love the user created videos, thinking of doing that myself


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