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    Quick Clarifying Question

    As a returning player, I've read a few guides and posts about the LI's, and am familiar with what these items to before and after imbuing, but just want to be clear on what is the best route to go.....
    empowerment scrolls = should I apply them BOTH before and after imbuing...or just after?
    star-lit crystals = should I apply them BOTH before and after imbuing...or just after?
    remembrance crystal = apply before or after? (only applies once, right?)

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    In my opinion:

    1) It doesn't matter when you apply empowerment scrolls or star-lits, just do so when convenient. A caveat to this, again in my opinion, is to not waste star-lits on main stats that are not worth upgrading (unless, of course, you're rolling in excess star-lits) - an example would be wasting melee DPS star-lits on a hunter's melee weapon.

    2) With regards to the remembrance crystal, I'd say apply it before BUT DON'T CHOOSE WHAT LEGACY TO SLOT UNTIL YOU IMBUE. The reason is that this new un-set legacy levels just like all the others, pre-imbuing, but you get a free choice at imbuing on what to place in there. Some legacies change in an undesirable way at imbuing and this avoids that pitfall. Of course if you're sure what you're going to end up with after imbuing you can "set" this legacy at any time. Just be sure that it will be what you expect AFTER imbuing.


    I hope this is helpful.

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    Very helpful, thanks Hacy!



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