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    Kentucky USA

    Other Games You Play

    What other games do you play besides LOTRO/MMO's?

    I play EverQuest II and Sims 4

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    I play The Witcher 3, Skyrim, and Alien Isolation. About to play Zelda Breath of the Wild for the first time though. So that will be another time sink.

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    Sryth, a game book RPG with 30 000 pages of text, very little mandatory grinding, 11 schools of magic, 10 skills, hundreds of adventures.


    There's a hefty amount of free content. There's a seasonal easter event going on right now which will likely give permanent boosts.

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    I play Granado Espada. A gorgeous MMO with great music.

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    Ive played Skyrim alot since release mostly because of the mods which add a whole lot of new content. Im also a big Total War fan so i own a few of those like Rome I & II and Napoleon. For multiplayer ive been testing a game called Heroes and Generals which is a RTS/FPS mmo for several years its not the best made game and the community can be a handfull sometimes but its still a fun game.

    Ive also played alot of the Assasins Creed games which i always look forward to playing as im a bit of a history buff and like to see historical people and events in the game. I also on a occasion play SWTOR but not so much recently and the odd occasional survival game gets my intrest too like The Long Dark which is you versus nature no zombies, mutants or cannibals which got my intrest. Also Elite Dangerous is a game that stands out to me its a space flight sim set in this galaxy with around 500 billion star systems to visit and is an immense game to play and is getting regular updates and exspansions.

    But i always come home to LOTRO

    Ive taken a recent intrest in a few other games im thinking of playing soon the Mass Effect games look good and ive never played any of them and Fallout 4 looks fun even it it does remind me of Skyrim with guns .
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    My two cents:
    I enjoy Legends of Pirates Online, a remake of the immensely popular Disney-sponsored game that was shut down a few years back (2013 I believe). The team is finishing up a HUGE update sometime in late April / early May that will re-introduce Ship vs Ship (SvS) player combat, which I am absolutely pumped for. (More info: http://piratesforums.co and http://piratesonline.co). Its all volunteer-coding effort, which is neat to see.

    Also have dabbled recently with "Star Conflict", which is a kind of Star-War-esque fighter game that showed up in my Steam suggestions. Neat graphics, but no real story mode unfortunately. Seems to have a largely European player base from my limited time there. One can obtain most things for free, however.

    Other than that, as someone else mentioned: Total War series, in particular, the Fourth Age Total War mod (I mean, who could resist a post-Sauron Middle-Earth RTS? I gave in quickly, and set about making the Dwarves seek world domination ).

    Dwarrowdelf: Throllo, Dagovar, Skalbreaker
    Gladden: Elduiril, Caerdynn
    Crickhollow: Anthirios, Harkendwel
    And many other not listed here...

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    Nethack and Sinistar

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    Dec 2010
    I briefly play newer free to play MMOs whenever I feel I have the time. I like to know what I'm missing out on and what people talk about. Many years ago belonged to a group that betatested any game available. Many of thoser people are still around.

    Blade and soul. Strangely clunky, nice zoomed in but also unplayable zoomed in. Quests that made me feel tired in just hours. Tried briefly in beta and even more briefly in november. No go.
    Riders of Icarus. Every other start quest requires you to pick stuff up or loot something. The animation for this was like watching rubberbanding continental drifts. Also unintuitive, poorly translated and rather ugly zoomed out. Did I mention clunky, slow and unresponsive?
    Tera. Hahahahaha! All about lingerie, sexualized child character race option and awkward targeting. Eugh.
    Wildstar. Smooth movements and cheeky/punny quests caught my interest. Sadly it has an almost kickstarterish lack of interesting quest text after the first few hours, at which point it just falls to bits.
    Devilian with their fixed overhead camera *and* 'action' targeting actually making targeting impossible and zoomed out it looked as exciting as diablo2. Awesome crash that was.
    Asta. A game apparently closed on asian servers at least once, picked up by a dodgy NA publisher a few months before it folded here again. Apparently picked up by yet another dodgy publisher and for some reason greenlit on steam to be re-released starting from scratch this month. Again a certain focus on female chest sliders but with a more solid skill and character development system than you normally see in these generic asian MMOs. Ultimately tedious with final maps being pvp and dailies and mechanics to keep you logging in.
    Final Fantasy XIV. Odd trial account where you have access to no chat at all. It's like running alone in a dead world. A dead world with awkwardly worded quests (no doubt to give character flavor) and very, very long run times from quest giver to quest objective in large largely empty cities, typically across a confusing warren of walkways. I really wanted to like this game but sexualized tween cat girls? You can keep it. Aslo: Cutscenes. Cutscenes that probably relate a great story, if it wasn't obstructed by exaggerated character flavor. Cutscenes droning on forever about something you should probably feel is engaging. Then into that eerily quiet world where all you hear is the ding, ding, ding of gold sellers sending personal messages. Gold sellers you can only report by writing out a lengthy ticket on the game dev main site.

    There are others

    Funny thing is that for these games to be playable at all, you need to be zoomed out. Zoomed out, none of the cryengine etc games look better than LOTRO. Zoomed in is only good for screenshots. Also, only one or two games had landscapes looking half as good as LOTRO, unless you enjoy garish HDR.

    The game I really wish had not changed at all since beta december 2002 and release 2003 is Project Entropia, now Entropia Universe. It did an almost perfect swan dive into oblivion. Fun but scary! Mobs preyed on one another! Easy loot but also very deadly! Time spent paid off in a super saitisfying manner! Exploring, crafting, finding remote locations for a great return! Perfect sandbox do-what-you-wish with great ingenuity and a reasonable return rate in just a year removed most of the stuff you could loot, in four years had the game turned into a cut-throat fight for survival and poring over charts on how to make a smaller loss. Then this game implemented a cryengine makeover and actually became entirely unplayable. Also, most game staff interaction was removed and great story arcs were abandoned. Now I revisit and it's all about buying boxes of randomized loot in the cash shop and opening 500 of these boxes for five hundred dollars and making twitch tv about it. Typically finding nothing sellable. Most boring gameplay ever? Online casino is an image the company shied from for half a decade but now it's been reality for a full decade.



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