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    u20 roving threats

    One of the best things I do daily is the roving threats 24 ppl on landscape killing big bosses is great fun .. even if half forget to pot their eyes lol.
    Joking aside could this sort of content be expanded to have maybe 2 or 3 tiers with really sweet rewards on the final tier just a thought
    Cheers valg.
    All that glitters isn,t gold.

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    sweet rewards should be rewarded for content that cant be facerolled by just being too many players and nothing else.
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    I totally agree mordor should be hard it should be the pinnacle of the game .
    no more face roll content in any aspect of the game in mordor we have been gifted with easy upgrades in the wastes everyone should be very well geared after u20 we have been given gear on a plate.
    more facits like the defilers in skoironk should be added to landscape defilers should heal mobs if not interrupted ect.
    the game has been dumbed down enough .
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    All that glitters isn,t gold.

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    The rewards could do with being better, purely due to the cooldown on them. Doing a RT boss and getting like 60 marks is a bit lolworthy. That said, as mentioned by another player here, they're not exactly hard enough to warrant much by way of real gains. Also unsure how Tiers would work when they're pre-spawned...

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    I found them most useful for the quick rep boost.
    The troll that one shots people is always entertaining too.



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