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    The LOTRO Beacon: Issue #6

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    "Why are Hobbit doors round?"

    Because a lot of Hobbits are round.

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    Because Pythagoras wasn't a Hobbit but Pi was.

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    After some calculations, measurements and a lot of feasting, the Institute of House Building of the Shire decided that because some hobbits are as wide as they are tall, round doors would be the best solution.

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    So they can roll in the pumpkins! (Filled with victuals, of course)

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    I believe you've got the wrong link at the end of this sentence in the LOTRO Beacon issue #6.
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    Hobbit doors are Round cause there's a hole in the ground and cause hobbits are different
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    Why are Hobbit doors round?

    That way you never feel guilty having second breakfast?

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    Hobbit doors are round so they can roll in to their hobbit holes after their outdoor picnics.

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    In Hobbit construction, it's important to compensate for the weight of the earth on the structure. A round door? Well, it's simply more able to "bear the load".

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    Why are Hobbit doors round?
    Obviously they are shaped like pies which hobbits just love so much!
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    Why are Hobbit holes round?

    Why to accommodate their waist-bandwidth!!

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    It is just so obvious that *round* is exactly the right shape for a door.

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    Another issue - another comment
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    "Why are hobbit doors round?"

    Of course Hobbit doors are round.
    Why? The question begs two answers.
    A Hobbit door is round so that friends may enter together.
    A Hobbit door is round so that friends with kegs come quicker.

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    Well..hobbits live in holes..holes are generally roundish.

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    "Why are Hobbit doors round?"

    To accommodate the Hobbits big behinds.
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    Have you ever seen a hobbit after he/she was done eating a lot of pies?

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    Why are Man doors rectangular?
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    Well, they obviously like this song:

    So they made round doors. To go round and round.

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    Because Hobbits are round!

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    "I'm not likely to grow anymore...except sideways."

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    Why are Hobbit Doors round?

    That's the Hobbit-Version from a Hole in one.
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    For rolling. When too full to walk. Which could be often.

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    Hobbit doors are round because the house is named a Hobbit-hole and a hole is normally round when you make a tunnel.


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