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    [Event] The Great Race!

    The Race

    The Great Race Across Middle-Earth Hosted by Pontin of Second Breakfast! The Race is from Michel Delving to The Black gate and all area in between going through the lands of Bree, lone lands through the Trollshaws and down the wilds of Enedwaith to Dunland onto Rohan and into the lands of gondor all the way to Mordor! a long race with many dangers! Starting on Sunday April 23rd 1PM Servertime! the prizes will be 3000 gold and pile of LOTRO Points! PM here or send mail in game to Pontin To Enter! Rules are at the bottom

    Purple flag mark the starting point Red flag marks the Finish line!

    The Rules

    Rules are simple
    • 1. players must use any War-steeds and be min level 75 to enter!
    • 2. players must not do false start wait till we say go!
    • 3. players may not use any ports at any time during the race or you are disqualified!
    • 4. player may take any path they chose on the landscape!
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