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Thread: The ARDA band

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    Jan 2016
    St.Petersburg, Russia
    Spring has come, the spring mood is felt everywhere, so let's meet it with dignity!

    22th of April "Arda" will debut on the wonderful event - Dwarves' Night Out, previously I performed there only in solo/duo.

    Server - Laurelin
    Time - 2:30pm servertime
    Venue - Thorin's Gate, Frerin's Court, near the statue

    At this event, we will play almost only new songs, consisting of heavy-metal, folk metal and symphonic metal, + two very cheerful compositions from the classical old rock.

    For a long time, before the fiddles was added in game, I wanted to make a version of Nemo, but without the fiddles i didn't have a good symphonic sound.


    Come to listen, it will be warm and powerful! \m/
    Strovar, The ARDA, Brandywine-Landroval

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    Jan 2016
    St.Petersburg, Russia
    Yesterday's party was the biggest that I've seen there, 9 grand bands played their mighty music for a good listeners!

    Thanks to our musicians, that once again wonderfully performed their parts!

    Thanks to Master Darnulf for the stream.



    1. Aria - Path to nowhere

    2. Nightwish - Nemo

    3. Nightwish - Storytime

    4. Deep Purple - Fireball
    Strovar, The ARDA, Brandywine-Landroval

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    & Master Strovar

    We really enjoy performing on Brandywine!!
    We are happy to be a part of the musical community there.
    You guys were one of the first bands we watched when we were
    first contemplating forming a band ourselves.

    Agago Longleaf
    Purple Pipeweed Parlor Band


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