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    VIP Purchase via Steam problem


    So I created my account back in 2013 and paid VIP then so I have a "Premium" account. I have decided to start playing again and yesterday tried to purchase VIP. It took me to steam, asking me to add funds to my Steam Wallet, which I did via PayPal. After the funds were added I confirmed the order, but no acknowledgement in game for the purchase, it isn't listed under my subscriptions nor purchase history...I submitted a ticket over 24 hours ago but still haven't even received an acknowledgment it'll be looked in to.

    2 question:

    Is this common/known issue?
    How long do support usually take to respond?

    For billing problems i'd assume they are highest priority, these are one of the few problems only they can solve without community assistance, so i'm a little bit let down that after over 24 hours not even an acknowledgment saying "we're looking into it for you" or something was sent to me. I mean yeah it's only just over 24 hours, but still as a customer i'd like to know this is at least seen as a problem, and told that it will be resolved at some point.

    So I guess the real answer i'm looking for is for the second question; How long do support take to respond? and will I get a response or will I just hear the resolution?

    Many thanks

    (Ticket #5569 if it's relevant)

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    Depends on what the problem is. Best I can tell, it can take 3-5 business days for problems. They never been quick at resolving tickets unless a real simple issue that totally internal to their system which your issue is not.

    Unfortunately, Standing Stone Games, Steam and Paypal have been haven't been working all that well for purchases. The Paypal issue was supposed to be fixed:
    according to this thread. Of course, they are backed out with old tickets for Paypal failures. I seem to recall reading that one customer was complaining on the forums that their ticket had been open for 24 days without a resolution because there was no fix. That would imply that had close to a month of open tickets that had to work off.

    Maybe they still have a problem with Steam wallet purchases. Be patient. Give em to Friday, April 07, 2017.
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    Still no response from the support team, not even acknowledged my ticket. A simple "we'll look into it for you and let you know what is happening" would be nice...

    On a separate question, i repurchased VIP with credit card instead (still steam wallet and worked fine, must be PayPal issue) will my previous missing month VIP be stacked? So i wont need to pay next month, or will it be a simple refund? (If they respond by then that is)



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