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Congrats on winning the RNG!

Actually, not even that. You had to run two+ players through nearly all of the content, craft, and pick enough flowers to get 4 lock picks and to get some journals...all of that to get one character to kindred in one of the three factions. If you don't see what an absurd grind that is, I can't help you.
What RNG? If you think that is RNG I am assuming you never made 50+ HoC runs for the Anvil.

I have been playing like that since day one, using all the characters I play to fix one, then another and so on. I see nothing wrong with that. We are talking what 3 days here? If that is such a horrible grind for you I dont know if we are playing the same game. Oh and please save yourself the trouble of trying any other, especially Korean MMO out there. You might get shocked beyond the recovery.

"The awful unbearable grind" is just an excuse for ezy moders, period.