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    War horse Hide/skin

    Something I would like to see is a horse hide like the Prized Eglan-horse. also with it's bridle and saddle, just without the tailband.
    Please consider adding this skin to our list.
    Thank you
    Tiamira formally of Nimrodel

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    Actually thats in general the typical color pattern of the appaloosa horse. Maybe they could add that and/or in general add a new horse with similiar color, but a new horse design not the old ones with the bad tails. Maybe even redesign some of the old ones at least... the tail always bothered me when looking at the pre rohan horses.

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    I actually wished that they did a bit more with the war steeds, in terms of cosmetic hides. There are so many horse coats and variations in markings, etc. out there. It would even be awesome to possibly get the skins of the regular horses that are already in-game transferred to warsteed coats.
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