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    Roleplaying still on Landroval?

    Hi, old player returning to Landroval, at least for a little bit.

    Quick observation and inquiry:

    Do people still roleplay out in the open much? I notice a lot of people in old rp hubs, but they just stand around and don't say much. I'm assuming they're in fellowships and speaking through that channel. If so, that's a shame. I've never been the biggest proponent of rp in this game or any other, but I always like to see open world roleplay occurring in towns and other places. It's kinda like having extra immersive npcs with advanced AI, even when I don't participate.

    Second inquiry, completely unrelated to the first:

    If I was to roleplay in game, what would be the best way to portray a lore-master's in game abilities? I like roleplaying an adventurer if I roleplay at all, since that's what we're doing much of the time. Barfly rp is okay once in a while but it doesn't satisfy most of the time. I know death isn't a thing in the actual gameplay. Morale is what is taking a hit when you're getting attacked, and your character is routed/defeated, not killed when they get knocked out (a brilliant bit of wording by the devs, that, as far as immersion goes). So when a lore master heals people, I see it more as him cheering them up or inspiring them one way or another. I'd like to hear others' thoughts about this subject, as well as other lore master abilities.

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    Yes, there is still open RP, although it is perhaps less Bree-centric these days. I was never much in for the "drama" in Bree.

    Regarding your second question, I too play a lore-master and RP him as well. Like you (I suppose) I factor his in-game experiences with his RP. For the most part, his abilities don't come into play except in a recent RP campaign. As for how he can do some of these things, I do have a "lore friendly" explanation (although really the LM does stretch the lore in the first place). I'm not going to share that here however. Look me up in-game though on Gilbryt an I'll RP with you.

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    Hey Lectus! I'm coming back myself from a decent hiatus, and I've noticed the same thing: there isn't much RP out in the open, but it seems to be in small communities that don't openly advertise. It seems you need to know someone who knows someone to get involved. I've suggested re-opening the chatroom LFRP to connect RPers and coordinate both pre-scheduled events and spontaneous RP. Also, landyrp-enjin.com is a great resource for fiding RP.

    I have found in the last week or two more RP out in the open in Bree (which I love, as I've always appreciated and enjoyed the Bree RP scene, "drama" and all). Also, stay tuned for a community event I'm planning monthly on Landroval to do just that: have more public RP that just anyone can join. I would, however, like to see more RP outside of Bree that's open to the public. I do miss leveling in areas like Evendim and Rivendell and catching emotes going by.

    Welcome back to the game!
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    Thanks all for the replies and welcomes.

    My loremaster is my highest toon at this point, but I haven't been super active in the game since the cap was 65. Lots has changed in that time and I've been in and out for not too long. But I've never seen the rp scene as inactive. However, I have noticed in the past few days some faces returning to the streets of Bree, which is heartening, I suppose because it's the weekend.

    I haven't decided on a class just yet. You would think I'd go with my loremaster. As much as I like him, they're very complex to play compared to what used to be my main toon (a hunter. Easiest rotation to memorize.)

    I'm still a fence-sitter as far as participating in roleplay goes, as I can't seem to make up my mind about what class I want to pursue. Then it'll be a waiting game until I get to max level. I know level doesn't factor in roleplay as much as it can other games, but it's still a compulsion I feel. As for what types of roleplay, I'm more interested in short bursts, like roleplaying trades between characters, and maybe setting up to trade lowbie goods with a pre-written pitch, or even just playing converted midis to abcs of my favorite showtunes on a street corner. Those are always fun ways to pass time in game.

    I'll keep an eye out for your event, Femhem, sounds like a good chance to give it a shot. And also consider contacting you in game Alcor, I'm just still on the fence about rping with my own characters.

    I did have another question relating to lore-based roleplay. I'm guessing that many prominent lore-buffs were scared away by the Beorning, but wondering if I could roleplay one as long as he never transforms. Or is there a significant portion of people who would not accept a skin-changer's existence, let alone their presence? I tried the beorning a while back with some points I had lying around, and really enjoyed the way he played, like a champ that can self-heal more often. Of course, the problem with beornings is that it's in the lore that they will not harm animals, and half of the gameplay of LOTRO is very virulently anti-beastie. Does that prohibition to wear animal skins or harm them apply to domesticated animals, wild ones, or even evil ones?

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    I've never had anyone freak out about my beorning RP wise. But I try to keep it close to the book. It's like going berzerk. In fact it's the actual translation of that.

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    For RP campaigning I would prefer to stay away from LM, RK and even mini. At least for mini you can stay out of dps and only heal if you're in a group, but the glowing hands and nuking mobs at range aren't very immersive IMHO. Likewise I suppose the LM could concentrate on pets (as long as it was a bear or something and not a ghost!) and buffing, and RK on healing. But fireballs and lightning are a deal breaker IMHO. YMMV.

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    Beornings can be tricky. Some folks will accept your existence, and some won't, and there's little way to know ahead of time who is who.
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    Hey there,

    My current main is an LM, and I can assure you that that does not at all affect the way I RP her. IC she has no magical powers and her only pet is a cat that lives at her house. As for Beornings, I have a few, but I don't play them IC as Beornings? I mean, I don't think anyone's going to smack you if you were to play a Beorning as a Beorning. I just don't see them as being very prominent in Bree....but then I had a Gondorian Woman in Bree for a time, so heck if I know! I hope you find the RP that you want.

    I have a very small group doing RP in Gondor from time to time, in Dol Amroth. You're welcome to join when the mood suits.

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    Of course for pure RP it's not an issue. You can simply turn off / not use whatever and pretend to be a "regular" person. However, the question raised, as I understand it, is "RP campaigning", i.e. going out into the field and fighting actual mobs while RP'ing it. That's where certain classes might be more or less limited in what they can / should do.

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    I like to take my classes into consideration when RPing, but I kind of disregard certain skills when fighting mobs. My main is an LM, but the emphasis of her is on scholarly pursuits and I don't really RP where I am likely to aggro anything. So generally, the mobs around during RP are low enough that I can take them out with my staff/sword and pet.

    Everyone has different attitudes about what is or isn't acceptable lore-wise for RP. Just play how you want.
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    I've been popping into Landroval here and there to size up the current RP scene, just out of curiosity, and I mostly find people standing about and not emoting.

    I'll stick to Laurelin
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