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    Quote Originally Posted by Laerien View Post
    Thanks for posting this, I never played AC, however, my eyes teared up watching the last moments of your game. It ss always sad when this happens. AC was an important part of mmorpg history.

    I don't know the answer, but apparently, WB wanted to keep the IP.

    I'm writing this after I saw this thread was moved to the off-topic without a single "hello". Seriously, moved to off-topic subforum after 17 years. Is this LotRO's future? Nobody giving a ####?
    I can't imagine WB caring the slightest about the IP. My guess is that Standing Stone didn't want the headache, or the blame for shutting it down. The most valuable bits of IP are the bits of LOTRO (and DDO) that rely on their evolving engine (the rest is being thrown away), and obviously that went to Standing Stone.

    I can't see any issue about keeping the servers running, or the billing software (assuming there would be anything to bill for), but presumably the whole thing couldn't be convinced to make a profit (which is doubly sad, considering that DDO and LOTRO pioneered the way to profitable and playable* f2p). I'd also have to wonder how personal politics played out in the forming of Standing Stone with respect to the Turbine employees keeping the thing going.

    * "playable" meaning that there is means to buy DDO and LOTRO "a la carte" as opposed to "pay to win". Before DDO, f2p was where games went to die (Turbine used DDO as the test case before moving their big money maker, LOTRO, to f2p).
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    When AC went into maintenance mode in 2015 players were offered 'lifetime subscriptions'
    Which cost me the princely sum of £6. Even less chance of them making money off people if they had to honour this going forward.
    Im sure the devs looking after the game were doing so out of a labour of love rather than anything else. Those devs have now moved on and unfortunately could not take the game with them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trivinry View Post
    Pretty much what the above poster said.

    If Ac wasn't created.. there would be no LOTRO/DND

    I mean how would you guys feel if LOTRO was done like this with no explanation?
    Ah yes if it hadn't been for Asheron's Call I wouldn't be here. I enjoyed playing it for years before Lotro came out.

    Quote Originally Posted by StinkyGreene View Post
    If there was no Gygax or Tolkien there would be no D&D (online or not) nor LOTRO.
    True, if there had never been a D&D game (paper) I'd probably have never played AC!

    I started this genre by playing D&D with dice & paper in 1979 and played off and on for another decade, then in 1999 started playing AC. Then in 2007 started Lotro. I'm hoping Lotro will hang around for another 5 years at least.
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    I am sorry much that they were closing your game these very sadly without your player and your world, take 10 years in lotro the first 6 activate the whole day the rest enter little that I take 5 in aion and there it me is OK I do not leave lotro for fondness my player and the average land but yours is worse if you were fullly happy in your game .Mi advice that you look for another game where your player could live and to believe again not neither your race nor your class if you want you say it to me for if I can help you to find a world to your player and that it should begin new life I cannot say another solution to you encourage and it returns to give a world to your player

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    Pretty much what the above poster said.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nymphonic View Post
    If AC was shut down it was because it wasn't making enough money to justify the expense of running it. It's that simple.
    QFT. It's a sad ordeal nonetheless.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dagorlad91806 View Post
    QFT. It's a sad ordeal nonetheless.

    oh I totally get it. I was sad for a really long time after Star Wars Galaxies shut down. I still feel it to this day.
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