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    RPing a Bree-land woman

    Hello everyone ,

    I want to RP as a woman of Bree, would some one share his bio here to get some ideas on how to RP it, if there is any online links as well that focus only on bree-landers would be much appreciated

    Thank you all and enjoy )

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    You really just need to think of what a simple, medieval villager would be like. There are a multitude of ideas, once you really start thinking about it. She could be single or married. Young or old. Does she have children? Is she a housewife, or a woman with a vocation? Suitable work for women of that time and culture might be a baker, a seamstress, a nurse for children, a farmer, etc. Is she poor or well-to-do? A common village woman of that time would most likely be poorly educated and unable to read, but perhaps her family has a bit more money and she was able to learn? These are all things that you get to decide for her

    Some links about Bree:

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    I know this is a late response, but RP and the proper Bio are dear to my heart; every one of my characters must have a bio, even my lowly crafters, lol. I just can't stand for them not to have a story of their lives. That being said, I did write a bio for my cook crafter who was a woman from Bree. I wanted her to be a proper girl, well versed in Manners, but have a plausible reason why she would need to know how to cook and garden, so the story I went with was that she was the only child of a well-to-do Bree merchant and his wife. She was taught the social graces that would be proper in the town of Bree (obviously, she wouldn't have the manners of the Steward's Court in Minas Tirith or the court in Dol Amroth, but for Bree, her social graces were fine). She was quiet, charming, and decorous. Her father and mother were good, kind people; not haughty or snobbish of the lower class in Bree, and she learned such consideration of others from their example. However, her father's partner was an unethical fellow, and he used her father's kind nature to his advantage, eventually cheating him of his entire business. Now, it has become necessary to do menial labor, both to make money and to stretch the small income they have, so my character has turned to cooking and gardening to help the family. She has discovered a real flair for cooking and a true love of gardening. Her pies, both sweet and savory, are the joy of the whole town, and Barliman Butterbur has a standing order for as many as she can cook for his Inn. Hope this little story of my pretty Breeland miss will help you in your creative thoughts.



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