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    The Savvy Creep: A Compendium of Obscure Yet Potentially Useful Information

    Hullo all - as Creepside historians continue to delve deeper into the storied past of the Crickhollow 'moors, it is important that we average creeplings remain aware of the newest findings - to that end, I present to you a list of vital locations within the 'moors. Following is your basic 'moors location-literacy list:

    Fort Rocky: The modest pile of boulders standing nearest to the GV steps - Tim the Timid Troll once made these rocks his summer abode, until obnoxious Elven freepses moved in and ruined his chateau's real-estate value. While the rocks are now abandoned, we loyal creeplings remember the suffering of Tim, 'moors monarch of old, as he was forced to relocate (and because of this, shall defend these rocks to the last).

    Fort Two-twigs (FTT): A lesser known tree-top hide-away, this outpost's exact location within the Steps of Gram is a... well... somewhat known and less-than-vehemently guarded secret. While impressive to behold and mildly effective for confusicating the unwary freep, prolonged combat within the fort is not advised, as with the proper application of one or two fire-rk's, the trees more or less become massive toasting-sticks for creep-smoars.

    Fort Pebbles: This heap of craggy stone is all the remains to recall Tim's once great amphitheater; today, creeps use the shelter of it's... rock... to take shelter from the inevitable hoard of hunters in GV. It is also nifty for pretending to run away or generally be less aggressive during camps. The adept burglar will exploit the unwary creep's sense of complacency here, and thus I would recommend afk'ing whilst lying down in...

    LoS Forest: This ancient wood, or perhaps more accurately, smattering of 6 or 7 trees, is a handy-dandy way of surviving even the most dismal odds. Rapidly kiting between these trees allows for constant breaking of LoS, granting defilers and savvy war leaders nigh on invulnerability against ranged classes (*Beware SW). While healers may take advantage of this position to stay alive while waiting for their wiped raid to return, it is of note that even new, unranked, support/damage creeps can use line of sight to their advantage! Being a tree-hugger has never been better, so be sure to pay these ancient... sapling/cedar things a visit when your leaders asks you to stop standing in....

    Fort Grassy: Plain and simple, this is the grassy expanse between Fort Rocky and Fort Pebbles where things can either go quite nicely, or quickly turn sour, for GV campers. Excessive exposure to ranged combined with lethal npcs makes this pleasant prairie a high-risk/high-reward spot.

    The Magic Island: Known only to those intrepid creeps studied in the lore of Tim, this island offers a rewarding vantage point and a nigh-impregnable position for BA/Defi/Weaver or any freep who manages to jump up (it's quite doable, but requires imagination). Unfortunately, we have yet to see a freep come within 100m. Maybe one day.

    Less Important Things:
    GV: Glan Vraig
    TR: Tirith Rhaw
    Lug: Lugazag
    LC: Lumbercamp
    HH: Hoarhollow
    Hop/IHop: Hithlad Outpost
    AEOP: Areador's End Outpost
    IP/IOP: Isendeep Outpost
    ROP: River Outpost
    Mine: Place we are pretty sure still exists, but haven't actually checked since U16.
    DG: Dar Gazag
    OR: Ost Ringdyr (DG/OR hold relics and tasty items)
    DOF: Delving of Fror
    Grams: Shouldn't have to explain this.
    TA: Tol Ascarnen
    GG: Place where we used to have fun.
    Bear Valley: Occasionally freeps push out of GV. They might run through here.
    Eagle Valley: To the north of GV steps, running parallel to the protected freep-backdoor-path heading to OR
    C/P/G "Keep Acronym:" Iterations of the crude/poor/good map to any of these locations. LC is usually "grim," so, for example: map "pgrim" or "gg" (<- we wish)
    LoS: Line of Sight: That which only cruel rk's can ignore with SW. Kite trees for dayz.
    Common Decency: Underrated but encouraged trait of having fun whilst avoiding all QQ (excepting sarcastic QQ).

    Thanks to freeps and creeps for fun action recently!

    Gathfaz R10 BA and subsequent Gath's*:
    (and some freepish things of questionable motive on passes).
    Counseling Distressed Campers and Campee's since 1782

    *and Macniar

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    Sorry I missed this one lol,..anyways I will add a couple,

    Gary is Gaergoth the Unbound in the DOF
    Drake is Grodris Matron of the Wintersebb in the DOF
    The Tree is Rottenroot in the DOF
    Nidor Rock is at TR directly south of the front wall. It is a memorial to a real person who was much loved and has passed into the west.
    TR rock is the largest pile of stone between TR back door and Glan Vraig

    Definately if you are not having fun you are doing it wrong.

    ..and could we please get some nice freep to look into getting Ashian a longer chain,..if he could get away from the steps he could help you alot more.

    Valion I know a little chinese kid that you could pay a nickel a week to get you to lvl 105

    Did I miss Healz getting to max rank?

    So are the rock piles... Standing Stones?

    Have Fun!...or go away.


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    I hear ya. Freep Ashian here. its good to see you.
    Legendary Right-Hand of Sun-roi
    the Last Ancients in the Watch. Sir Ashian Ahern, the Seven Stars.



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