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    Need advice... Please... atop the wall

    I solo finished the deeping wall, got off of the wall before it crumbled..... the next stage, atop the wall, talk to Eomer at postern gate.???

    I have stayed on wall..Died ........ run down stairs,no Eomer (transported back to where i came) ........ran over to supply room, lived, transported to where i came....................... What am I doing wrong???? I've tried everything I can think of!! Please help!!! thx for your time!!!
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    There are different versions of Helm's deep for the battle once done the deeping wall instance go Eomer during Helm's deep "Before Dawn" there should be banners and tables that take you to different versions of helm's deeps there's "After midnight" "Before Dawn" then "Sunrise"
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    I recently suffered through this Epic road block. Besides mechanics and confusion, I just would like to suggest that...remember, each quest is now an Epic Battles Panel choice, use the specific battles to progress, and update points or merits what have you, on Anything that wants updating.

    And Google is surprisingly LOTRO friendly.

    Good luck!

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    Yeah hit that epic battle wall myself - way to confusing at level and not worth my time. (Yes my friends tried to help and let me know about the trait points and gear) but at this time I never found myself dread an epic quest. My first response is to just have a kinnie pull me through it which isn't a great way to play through book quests imho.

    Reality check is I'm logging off, had no fun doing this, and would rather do chores in the house on my day off than plug hours through this. This could be the block that stops me from playing LOTRO again for another year or two... (sigh)



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