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    More Island Kinship Houses

    I have been watching the Gondorian Housing Vendor for an Island Kinship House since December 23. My Kinship got rank 7 and there have been no Island Kinship houses available. I really would like to buy one of these for my members on Landroval Server. I have been checking everyday for a new neighborhood to be generated but there have been none. This coming Friday it will be 3 weeks. My kinship was only a few weeks old when the Premium Housing started. Is there anyway to get a neighborhood generated for those kinships who have been waiting like I have to be able to buy an Island kinship house? These really need to be generated more often than what they are.

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    Which server?

    I think there are quite a few available on Crickhollow.

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    I too have been waiting for an island kinship house on Landroval but I have now given up. I think a new neighborhood is only generated when housing supplies get low but so few people are buying the other premium houses that I doubt if new island kinship houses will ever become available. I don't suppose the devs could build more islands??? There is one ray of hope. Now that we are allowed to own as many premium houses as we like (regular not kinship) does this mean that more premium sites will be made? My elf kinship was ready to move into the Cape island kinship house but she looks uncomfortable. How about a premium treehouse??? I would buy that. Just a thought devs!

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    Still no new kinship islands available on landroval, is there really no way to add more? ._.

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    Quote Originally Posted by captainroyy View Post
    Still no new kinship islands available on landroval, is there really no way to add more? ._.
    I imagine they will open more neighborhoods as soon as they are aware of the shortage. You should contact a GM or send a private message to Cordovan to make sure SSG is aware of the issue.

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    As I remember it is is an auto generated feature. No team involvement.
    If there is a shortage in general, new neighbourhood is added.

    Not for just one plot.

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    There is a shortage on Landroval. More please
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    Agreed. Captain Falnui Mahirion of the Kinship "Glory of Gondor Restored" is greatly saddened that every week he logs in and cannot purchase Tol Falthui in the Bay of Belfalas for his Kinship. Instead they bunk in his house... Freeloaders...

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    Oh good, I'm after Tol Lochùl for my guild. Landroval might have a housing shortage, but at least we're not competing for the same island!



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