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    Red face Forenotice of a TBA event--turning a negative into a positive

    We have chosen to throw the bad apple to the pigs, and make the best of a bad thing.

    To make a long story short, a longstanding RP/share home was robbed, Grinchy style--right down to wallpaint when a deco key was mislaid by accident. The only reason this home existed as it did was to be used communally, and many aspects of it were designed specifically to benefit an ever growing portion of the Landy community in various ways. This was not just a personal home for one, or even just to serve one kin's benefit. To me, this makes the act all the more vile.

    When the theft was confirmed this morning, many folks have already stepped up to offer help replacing what was lost. Although not unexpected, such an immediate outpouring of kindness and helpfulness served to remind me yet again why one bad apple should not be allowed to ruin a good pie.

    One suggestion that was made was to plan some sort of a scavenger event where the items that disappeared will be replaced once found. As the person who set up the space in question, I thought this is a capital idea.

    So this post is an early notice that sometime in the near future (when we can work as best we can around all the usual holly day events), we will be hosting a unique sort of scavenger hunt.

    I hope everyone of like spirit will come and join us if they can when we announce further details.
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    I'm so sorry to hear about this. That is such a disappointment, especially considering how much you've given to the Landroval community.

    I'm glad to hear about all the incoming support, though, and I admire your ability to spin the straw into gold! I look forward to hearing more.

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    Thankies for your kind words. All spinning gold credit goes to Bluejay (Tiempko here) that came up with the Hunt idea and deciding to have fun instead of dwelling on a bad apple.

    The funny thing is, the house's chest and even deco has been unlocked during certain event weekends before, and not once in the three plus years we've had that home since the Great Housing Purge of '13 did anyone ever clean the place out.

    Getting back to the Scavenger Hunt, though, the rough plan so far was I was supposed to make a list of what got taken and post it so those wanting to help replace could see what they had, but folks have already started sending stuff so I have to alter the list before posting it so we don't get any more dupes. (Such problems I have! Sometimes I truly am fortune's fool. )

    Right now, plans for the hunt itself are coming along well. It's always scheduling a larger event that's tricky so folks all over have a good chance of attending, but also without conflicting with a major/regular event (esp bands).

    I think the hunt will be a lot of fun. As folks find the deco items needed and hand them in, they'll be "restored" to the smial where they were stolen, so everyone can watch it go back to its former glory.

    The RP theme is that the smial is a Society for Cartography enthusiasts, so you can image the challenge we have ahead of us in replacing all the maps. If we do somehow manage to get all the maps back that we lost by the event, we'll leave the deco rights unlocked for the remainder so folks can "read" the maps for the deeds if they don't already have them done too. After, though, we'll make sure that key gets put away proper this time.

    Of course, pie and ale will be made available throughout. It wouldn't be proper without showing good hospitality.
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    Hey there,

    I know I'm a little late to the party but I am so sorry about your house! That is absolutely rotten. If you could use any (modest) financial support, or need some items, let me know and I'll be right there for you. I love you and your RP group! <3



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    Oh my, reading this was an unwelcome surprise. I don't have much in the map category but I'm willing to try hunting some down. Just let me know when the hunt begins and I'll be there.
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    Hullo again, folks. Sorries for the gap in replies. Life delivered a big ol' crate of the Busies, and I was waylaid with the contents.

    Thank you to everyone for your support and offers. We've had so many donations, it was hard to keep up. I still need to do a non map count of what we might be short on (we never got around to redecorating after the additional slots, so non maps are harder to gauge), as it seems we have managed to replace the maps. I need to do one final check next week to be certain.

    We decided to have the Scavenger Hunt either the Saturday or Sunday of the annual Bounder Anniversary Weekend, which will be either the 7th or the 8th of January in 2017. It's hard to find a time/day that works for most folks, and we're still trying to hammer that out. I know no matter what we pick, not everyone will be able to attend, but we'll do our level best anyhoo. We know that there will be some lead ins to Winterstock to contend with, but we've already put it off longer than we meant to, and we usually have one big community event that's open t' the public the anniversary weekend anyhoo, so I figured it made sense when I proposed the notion to the Bounders, and they agreed.

    As soon as we nail the day/time down, I will post back with details.

    I also want to give a special shout out to a certain blue fairy who sprinkled some good magic our way. Thankies again.

    I truly do love our community, despite the few bad apples.

    Bring on the cider and pie!
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    Ok, after much thought and discussion, and giving consideration to the fact that many band folks will be rehearsing and tweaking songs for Winterstock, we are postponing the Scavenger Hunt to a TBD day and time.

    I think we might hold it closer to the late February, possibly March timeline. I'm already getting news bits from folks about events upcoming in those months, so we want to try to get this nailed down as soon as possible so as to not conflict with any other yearly events.

    I will say that when we announce the date/time, it ain't changing. I forgot how hard it is to schedule new one time things.
    Club Éclair-Second Servings members are at 45 trainings or below.
    I can't fit all my Tortoise Stone Bearers in my sig anymore.

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    I had this happen to a former kinship of mine by a vengeful ex-member who happened to still have access to the kin house. Just went it and wiped the place clean, right down to the paint off the walls. It's a horrible feeling of violation and betrayal, especially when it's someone you know.

    Kudos to everyone here who has offered support and encouragement. There really are more good apples than bad in the game, you just need to look for them, and when you find some, hold onto them!

    I hope the scavenger hunt event - whenever it takes place - is a huge and roaring success
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    Thanks, Maggie.

    It turned out we were still short a few maps--some of the donations were dupes. So we thought it best to wait until after the April Anniversary when we'll have access to all the maps to get the last replacements. So it might be late April, or early May. Time will tell!
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