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    Locations of Houses with Crafting Stations available for all to use - Post yours here!

    Hi, I know several people have made their crafting stuff available for all to use but finding the scattered posts burns time. Hoping to keep them all in one area for all to enjoy. My modest entry:

    Server: Brandywine
    Homestead: Bree-land
    Neighborhood: Codgard
    Address: 5 Long St. (KH)
    Items: Farming Station, Gondorian Supplier Horn, Gondorian Oven, Gondorian Workbench, Gondorian Forge - all outside. Inside is the Gondorian Scholar Station. Both crates.


    Reason for edit: added items.
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    Brandywine, Falathlorn, Glorui
    1 Twinfall, which is the closest house to the supplier & vault etc. (behind the rock)
    All crafts & ingredient boxes, there is a farm field just across the stream at 10 Haven.
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    mber, it is a game.

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    Home of Suzume & Knightly, Tol Lochul Island, Celondal, Belfalas Homesteads

    Ingredient Crates (VIP & Premium)
    Supplier Horn (Discounted Vendor & Repairs)
    All Crafting Stations (Study, Workbench, Forge, Oven, Farmland)

    All are welcome to make use of the island, park toons there to draw from ingredient crates, get discounted supplies and craft.

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    7 Bay Road

    Facilities available:
    Outside: Farmland, Oven, Forge, Workbench, Supplier Horn
    Inside: Study

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    Mason OH

    Crafting Stations, Ingredient Crates, and Supplier Horn

    Server: Brandywine
    Area: Belfalas
    Neighborhood: Galadhraw
    Address: 1 Cape Road
    Facilities: Oven, Farming Garden, Study, Workbench, Forge, Premium Ingredient Crate, Regular Ingredient Crate, Supplier Horn

    At the moment everything is in the yard and all open for public use. [EDIT: NOT TRUE ANYMORE. PLEASE SEE NOTE BELOW]. The locations could change, however, as I am still decorating this house. I might move some things inside, etc. I will post any major changes. Hopefully I won't make too many changes.

    Server: Brandywine
    Area: Falathlorn
    Neighborhood: Gundalaf
    Address: 8 Haven Way
    Facilities: Study

    Located inside, on the first floor, in the very back, small room, past the common hall. This is a kinship house decorated as a university building. Feel free to visit just for the sake of visiting!

    EDIT NOTE: I am decorating this house and things are moving around. Currently the forge, oven, and supplier horn are outside and the study and workbench are inside. I've removed the farm.
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    Rhuangar, hunter on Brandywine
    Rhudawg, warg on Brandywine

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    Crafting with an Ocean View

    Server: Brandywine
    Region: Belfalas
    Neighborhood: Tol Faen
    Address: 2 Swan Lane

    Run all the way across the lawn to find farmland, workbench, forge, oven, supplier horn, and premium ingredient crate (which is over to the right at the foot of the steps).

    Inside, you’ll find a study just past the foyer, doorway on the left. Welcome!

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    Crafting Stations accesible for everyone :)

    Server: Laurelin
    Area: Shire
    Neighbourhood: Flaxenfoot
    Adress: 4 Brookbank Street (Kinship house of Curious Travellers)

    Facilities: Oven, Farming Garden, Study, Workbench, Forge, Regular Ingredient Crate, Supplier Horn
    Inside a house: Visiting Banker and Barber
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    Server: Ithil
    Area: Belfalas
    Address: 1 Windy Lane, Parth Ithil

    Facilities: All (except Study), Premium Ingredient Crate, Supplier Horn
    House: Visiting Banker
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    Server: Landroval
    Area: Bree-land
    Neighbourhood: Whithouse
    Address: 9 Chestnut St

    Outside: Oven, Workbench, Forge, Supplier Horn, Ingredient Crate (regular), Farmland down the hill at 7 Chestnut St
    Inside: Study, Visiting Banker

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    France / Paris

    Home of Trek Wars, Shire homesteads, Thatchacre, 4 Brookbank Street (across the bridge from stores)

    Supplier Horn (Discounted Vendor & Repairs)
    All Crafting Stations (Study, Workbench, Forge, Oven, Farmland)
    Inside house : Visiting banker (near the house chest)

    Feel free to use



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