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Thread: Fellows

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    Hi guys thought it pop in and say hi been on crick for quite some time and must say I'm happy with the moors here I'm more of a casual player I love that there's no 24 man zergs like on other servers

    Anyway just a quick shout out to the best players I've seen, bare in mind I'm new to moors so they seem good to me.

    Vrackus champ- you seem to be killing it
    Natag warg - you may not be the best but boy are you consistent well played
    Defiler called flumpy I think was name was a beast to bring down
    And bubble the war leader is evasive just like the wargs takes skill to disappear when going south I mean this in a good way.

    Saw a runekeeper that was awesome and a loremaster that was nearly entering god mode levels but can remember names maybe someone else can add to list happy hunting see you out there, el.
    Elenannor ~ rank 10 Lore master

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    Hello from the other side

    Hullo el,

    Glad to see you are enjoying the moors - there has been some superb small group and solo action recently that have really made for some fun play. There are too many to name, but bravo to those newer freeps out recently that aren't afraid to ride out of GV, even against large numbers of freeps. Regardless of the fight's outcome, I (and others) admire your willingness to push out and keep progressing as 'moorsers. Also, cheers to the vets who keep coming back - good to see old faces helping the new. G'day all!

    Gathfaz/Macniar/Gathnakh/and other fodder
    Mahenarth/Iorgorn/Valion/and other stuffs

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    Tonight was great, we even were able to do some spars near lugz.
    It is always cool to find good freeps to fight.
    Good job freeps and creeps, we need more nights like this!



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