There are a couple of places to find the latest in-game events happening in Lord of the Rings Online:

  • LOTRO Players News ( maintains an excellent and frequently-updated list of events on their web site with a weekly column. They have also created an excellent Community Calendar on Google Calendar here, which you can add to your own calendar program and click on an event for more information. Click here to get in touch with LOTRO Players to add your event to their schedule (hint: it's a great way to promote your event as well.)

  • LOTRO Forums Calendar: We also have our own Calendar on the forums! This calendar has historically not been as well supported by the community, but is used by us to give start and end times for official events and bonuses. We'd love for you to add your event to this schedule as well. Click here for our Calendar. Click here to add your event to our calendar!

  • Player Events Forum: Finally, there's the Player Events forum! That's where you are now. If you want people to attend your event, please get the word out about it here! Feel free to include images and any URLs that are needed for people registering for or attending your event.

We use these event schedules to put together official social media posts, so if you want LOTRO on Facebook or Twitter to drive people to ya, make sure to spread the word!