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    Survival: Barrows-downs "Strength in Diversity" deed bugged?

    As you probably know "Strength in Diversity" deed for raid version of Survival: Barrows-downs skirm requires at least one from each class to be presented in the raid during 30 minutes. During U13 I've done this deed in a 12man raid where all 9 classes were presented and got the deed, but today we've got a problem with repeating it.

    We've got 11 ppl where all 10 current classes were presented, but the deed didn't proceed for us (screenshot attached). The deed hasn't even appeared and the meta-deed "Strength of Diversity" wasn't affected by our run. We've submitted a ticket but GM declined to help us with this deed and told to report a bug blah-blah-blah (which is waste of time in my opinion).

    Does anyone know exactly what Turbine has changed since U13 or is it absolutely broken now?

    In the patch notes for U18.1 I found this:

    Beornings can now contribute to the Strength in Diversity deeds.
    I have no idea how beornings can contribute now, as you can see we had a beorning but it didn't help. Also, I have a feeling that while adding beorning to "contribute" to this deed Turbine has changed something else.

    Here some ideas I have for now:

    1. Try it w/o beorning since Turbine could implement it in the wrong way so this class now prevents the deed.
    2. Try it with 10 ppl with no classes duplicates. Previously raid version of the deed allowed 12 men to be there and the only condition was to "at least one from each class" to be presented (and that's was the difference with 3 and 6 man where no class duplicates were allowed). Probably they changed this for raid?
    3. Try it with 12 man with all classes (probably full raid is now required for this deed?)

    It's very hard to find all the classes for this deed and it's very time consuming to test it. So maybe someone know exactly what is required now to complete this deed? Thank you in advance for any clues!
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