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    Post [EVENT] TCoS - The Crown of Souls RP Campaign

    Welcome fellow gamers to my ongoing RP campaign
    I have been running this event for the past 2 years within my kin - knights of Eriador - and it has been great fun. We are about to run into chapter 3 of the tale and I have decided to open it up to whoever wants to join.

    I will use this forum post to keep you all informed on the next event of the campaign as well as any other info you need.


    When an event takes place I, or the running GM, captures the chat. Afterwards a volunteer rewrites the chat into a readable whole. We also gather any screenshots and add them to the finalised log. For the full backstory i refer to the Laurelin archive post :http://laurelinarchives.org/node/35680

    Below is a summary.

    TCoS chapter 1: The mayor of Bree invited the knights of Knights of Eriador to investigate a kidnapping. The militia was stretched out with increased bandit activity and so he was looking for external help.

    Two weeks ago some of us rode to Bree to assist the mayor. A doctor was kidnapped out of his , somewhat luxurious, townhouse. He was a well to do citizen of Bree. The mayor was nervous about it being a well to do citizen.
    We investigated the crime scene and tracks led to an old wall part where the bandits escaped with ropes, fleeing into the country side. Gathering some of our knights and the captain of the guard, we went on the next day to track them. Finding them holding up on a hilltop. They had build a palisade and defenses and were with more than we could handle. This was no ordinary group of kidnappers.
    So we asked for help from the militia of Bree and the next day we organized our stealthy assault on the encampment. some of us were wounded but we successfully rescued the doctor, who was still alive although bruised.
    But we witnessed a most peculiar thing. Some bandits, those shouting orders, wore red stone necklaces. When they fell in battle the stone glowed slightly on its own and burst in a thousand tiny shards. I brought some of these shards with me in a pouch and gave them to Leothross to examine.
    We brought the doctor back save and sound though. That was, at the time, the task at hand.

    TCoS chapter 2: The whole kidnapping incident was strange. Especially because there was no reason to kidnap the doctor unless for the ransom money. "The bandit activity in the countryside has been escalating recently as well and perhaps it is linked": says the cpt. He knows we are no investigators but If there is dirt under the mattress he wants it found. (Or perhaps he hopes to claim the property if the good doctor has something to hide.)

    KoE has agreed to investigate the house and made a "cunning" plan. Finding a drunken man named Braiden they drugged him and called for the Dr. Meanwhile the newest member 'Nem' slipped into the Dr's house and found a hidden compartment wherein lay a key. Using the key on a locked chest she found scrolls that may reveal something. But the doctor may discover the missing scrolls soon or the broken compartment. In the historical house of the KoE headquarters Leothross and Drangan try to decipher it, eventually going to the Scholars of Bree in secret to find more about it. But Alas, Leothross decides Rivendell will be the only place to really get to the button of these highly cryptic scrolls (part of a book). They journey to the beautiful city beyond the Trollshaw.

    Nemremnes, Leothross and Oronir ride 5 days to Rivedell. While there Leothross finds a few connections, namely, it seems there is an ancient artifact known as The Crown of Souls that has some connection to the amulets found. On closer study, the crown is not just connected to the amulets and those that wear them, but it has some control over them. It seems like this is only a one-way control. Apparently the link between the amulet and the heart of the wearer prevents their soul from making it to the Hall of Mando. ? If these amulets have been found, the crown itself may be in the wrong hands.?


    During these events three types of RP can take place : general RP, skill related RP and war RP.

    General RP event: people meet and talk, interact amongst each other. This type is very open and no extra rules are used.

    Skill related RP event: I prepared a story for the evening that might include minor fighting, investigation, skill contest and the like. I use very simple rules that I will post in this tread later on.

    War RP: Chapter 3 will eventually turn into some larger battles. I use an even simpler ruleset to guide the evening to a success. I will also post this in this tread later on.

    These minor rules help me, the GM, to run my storyline as well as create surprising results for the players. It has proven to be a valuable aid and does not hamper the RP during the event.


    Look at my campaign as a big tree with branches. I create events on the tree trunk itself and work towards an ending. But my tree has many branches. Look at them as possible side stories that relate to my main plot-line. If there are people out there that want to try out to be a GM they are free to contact me to discuss the idea briefly. When I feel it suits the feel and goal of my story you GM that short branch. Thus creating many possibilities and a greater player based involvement. Only thing I ask is to communicate with me first.

    Ideally I would love the Idea to work with a couple of other GMs weaving a couple of campaigns together in a big story.

    In september I should also have a webpage online that includes war maps and other info. So keep an eye out for that.

    contact me

    !!Do not post in this tread that you are interested to join up!! as I would like the thread to be as clean as possible. IF however you have participated in one of my events and you want others to know how great it is then feel free

    Best way to contact me is through Laurelin Archives under the name ORONIR.

    I recently also adjusted my lotto forum rules so you can email me here as well.
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    Thumbs up System 1: Oronir's RP & small battles

    Players roleplaying in MMO games such as LOTRO often will want to role-play their characters through combat situations as part of their ongoing adventures. Unfortunately, the in-game combat systems of such games are rarely suited for turn-by-turn roleplaying. Players generally compensate by imagining a battle scenario, with nominal enemies and rolls of virtual dice.
    These scenarios usually fall into one of two traps – either battles which are almost entirely subjective, with no structure or true randomness in them, presenting no challenges to the players, just an opportunity to “show off”. The opposite trap is for the role-play to get entirely bogged down in rolling and mechanics.

    So I offer two systems:

    System 1 : Oronir's RP & small battles scenes:

    The first is a system I will use on all MY campaigns; sometimes there may be some alterations, depending on the situation or the nature of the event. This is the basic system, it was originally created by Valindal (aka The Grey Warden) with some minor changes from Fiontann, plus additions from Eroforth and eventually Oronir. The goal of this system is to provide just enough rules and rolls to structure a realistic, tactical combat situation for these battle scenarios, while minimizing the amount of ‘mechanics’ that players have to track, allowing them to focus on the storytelling.

    Oronir's RP & small battles


    Basic Damage Scale:

    1-25 26-50 51-75 76-99 100+
    0 Dmg 1 Dmg 2 Dmg 3 Dmg 4 dmg
    * A roll of pure 100 grants you a combo, so you roll again and emote two attacks.

    Basic Defence scale:

    -0 1-25 26-50 51-75 76-99
    -4 Dmg -3 Dmg -2 Dmg -1 Dmg 0 Dmg
    * A roll of pure 100 grants you a counter attack, so you roll again and emote blocking/parrying the attack and attacking the enemy, applying the damage of the second roll.

    Basic Healing Scale:

    Sometimes a healer can try to heal some injuries during the fight, he can do it only when that character is no longer in direct combat.
    0 1-33 34-66 67-100
    FAIL 1 HP 2 HP 3 HP

    Life points

    We have 10HP each, after the battle we regain 3HP, since we rest, unless the injury is severe (4 or less) then it takes a healer (someone with healing spells) to help you out.

    Enemy HP

    Minions (low-lvl humanoids, small animals etc…) = 2 to 5 HP
    Animals (Wolves, Bears, Boars, Wargs, etc) = 5 HP
    Humanoids (Humans, Dwarves, Elves, Orcs, etc) = 10 HP
    Elites (Trolls, Drakes, Huorns, Giant Spiders, etc) = 15 HP
    Boss Battles = +5 to Type
    (E.G: Bandit Leader would have 15HP, where a Giant Drake/Dragon would have 20HP) It may seem OP but it isn't trust me, we can easily get wiped out by the enemies.

    Skill checks

    RP events use an abundance of skills to be used. For all skills we use basically the same Scenario. Below are some examples. FAIL means an utter mistake was mad and needs to be played out in RP.

    Basic Scenario : e.g. talking, diplomacy, bluffing, gather information, intimidate etc.

    0-33 34-50 51-66 67-100
    FAIL Stalemate in others favour
    (roll next round at -10)
    Reroll possibility Success

    Basic Scenario: e.g. searching, spotting, listening, tracking

    0-33 34-66 51-66 67-100
    FAIL Continue Search (roll again next round) Reroll possibility Success

    Basic Scenario: e.g. sneaking, etc

    0-33 34-50 51-66 67-100
    FAIL Enemy alerted and starts to search
    (roll next round -10)
    Reroll possibility Success

    Basic Scenario: e.g. jumping, climbing, swimming, running, athletics, balance,..

    0-33 34-50 51-66 67-100
    FAIL You slip, lose grip, swallow water
    BUT … (roll next round -10)
    Reroll possibility Success

    The “Reroll possibility”

    Player rolls 55, which is located in the stalemate result.
    GM: “Reroll possibility”
    Player now needs to change something in the circumstances and only then is allowed to reroll. The change needs to be role-played. After the roleplay the player immediate initiate /reroll.

    Character ROLE

    The above are the rolls on which our success or failure depends, but some of us are more talented than others in some areas. For this RP-combat system, a very rudimentary sort of ‘specialization’ is used.
    Each player has a primary and a secondary skill, which grants bonuses to the appropriate rolls. Combat roles, which will be rolled more frequently, gain a +10 when it`s a primary specialization, +5 when it`s a secondary skill. Non-combat roles gain greater bonuses.
    So we have 8 ROLES, we choose ONLY 1 primary and ONLY 1 secondary:

    • Melee (+10 / +5)
    • Ranged (+10 / +5)
    • Defence (+10 / +5) (lower the better so this is actually a -10/-5)

    • Healing (+20 / +10)?
    • Stealth (+20 / +10)
    • Speech (+20 / +10)
    • Perception (+20 / +10)

    • Animal training:
      • As a primary (use Large animal companion/bannerman in a fight. 6 HP)
      • As a Secondary (use small animal companion/bannerman in a fight. 3 HP)

    Character specialisations

    Based on your roles, players may also select a “specialisation”. A specialisation is either a passive buff or a special move that a player may use once every encounter.These are the special specialisations and you can choose only one. (Either from primary or secondary roles)

    • Melee
      • Beserk adds 20 to first attack roll
      • Double strike roll twice
      • Second Wind – After dropping to 0 HP, the character revives at the start of his or her next turn with 3 HP but only if (for the moment) is no longer ‘engaged’ with an enemy.
      • Disarm: you can try to hit any weapon to disarm the opponent. The weapon flies 10ft from the victim.
      • Feint This will drop the enemy`s defence by 30 for anyone else attacking that same enemy that round.

    • Ranged
      • Knee shot will slow an enemy (if 1 dmg), -20 on each defence roll (if 2 dmg), prone during the fight (if 3 dmg).
      • Eagle eye adds 20 to first attack roll
      • Double Shot roll twice
      • Disarm: you can shoot at a one-handed weapon to disarm the opponent. The weapon flies 10ft from the victim.

    • Defence
      • Feint This will drop the enemy`s defence by 30 for anyone else attacking that same enemy that round.
      • Disengage You may freely step away from your opponents.
      • Shield block adds 20 to a Defensive roll
      • Shield bash: add 10 to defensive roll and get a free attack roll with shield (max 2 dmg though).

    • Healing
      • Reroll with an additional +10
      • Healing hands adds 20 to one healing roll
      • Healing circle you heal 2 HP to everyone that touch you including yourself (to a maximum of 10 recipients).

    • Stealth
      • Luck reroll non damage rolls with an additional +15
      • Backstab The next attack does +1 damage
      • Cunning Twist – the damage of an enemy’s final melee strike against you is turned back against the enemy itself. (If an enemy gets multiple attacks in a turn, this ‘twist’ only applies to the final attack.)
      • Locksmith - This can be taken even if you are not a burglar. Allows lock picking at a +15; burglars gets +30

    • Speech
      • Reroll with an additional +10
      • Negotiator adds 20 to any non combat speech roll
      • Impersonate the player can make animal noises or mimic a sound he just heard. This can be used in combat and non-combat encounters. A bonus of 25 to the roll can be added.

    • Perception
      • Find traps the player does not have to be a burglar to take this. The player can search + detect if a trap is near with automatic success. He also gets a +20 on disarming the trap.
      • Pathfinder adds 20 to any tracking and scouting rolls
      • Sense motive gives an automatic success to know if someone is telling the truth. This skill uses observation and thus is not an exact “speak truth” power. Rather it uses observation to sense if that noble is a real noble or that his hands reveal he is actually a bandit.

    Note it on your Bio

    It would be handy if you write your skills down on your bio. That way you will never forget it and the GM can inspect you to quickly refresh his memory.

    Melee = +10
    Defense = +5
    Special = Beserker
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    Always looking for other GMs to work on RP related events

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    Post System 2: War:Lite rules

    System 2: Larger battle scenes / War:Lite:
    This is a “lite” version of a more complex war system Farathan and Arangilas worked on some years back. It is meant to be used where larger battles are concerned. With the emphasis on teamwork. The goal here is to focus on capturing or defending keypoints on a map just like in a war campaign. People can run attacks on keypoints on the map and each week, the main GM of an area would also dice up reinforcements and attacks for the enemy camps – so each week the map could look rather different.
    It`s still in a beta version though.

    HOW TO PLAY: WAR:lite

    First of all – remember that this is only the mechanics of the attack – it will be up to each person to RP out the outcome of the Dices made. This means there is lots of room for improvisation.
    Second of all – This is for fun! So do not be afraid to make mistakes, we all do them, and it is a game... so do not take it too seriously at first. Just give it time to grow on you.

    Reading these rules might confuse you, and you can think it sounds complicated. But rest assured – when you try it, you will understand it with ease and also find it quite logical. This is a “lite” version of a more complex war system Farathan and Arangilas worked on some years ago. The whole Idea is that ANYONE can at ANYTIME make a group and perform a RP Attack on any of the Keypoints on the map – report in the result, and that's that

    Now!... *rubs his hands*

    Some terms used:

    The GM (Games Master)

    The participants of the attack must join up in a fellowship/raid group.
    The leader of the group will most commonly act as the GM as well and will issue when the players are to roll their dice.
    The GM uses the Fellowship/Raid channel to issue GM commands or GM information. Only the GM uses this chat, so that everyone in the group gets the information regardless of other chatter. thus others use the “say” channel to RP.
    It is important for other participants to not ask unnecessary OOC questions to the GM as the GM is multitasking between RP'ing, leading the group and... well... being GM. [IMG]file://localhost/Users/Thomson%201/Library/Group%20Containers/UBF8T346G9.Office/msoclip1/01/clip_image003.png[/IMG]
    What is a Keypoint?

    Keypoints are the common name to any Enemy Camp, Fort or Cave. Places of interest when it comes to making an attack. They are spread out on the maps (ask your GM for a look at the map), and depict a real In-Game camp, fort or cave. They have a fixed Number of Worth, and the number depicts how many Dice are to be made for the Keypoint's defence.
    Dice Roll, dice points and a Knights Worth

    Dices are made by typing “/roll 100” in the chat window (/roll 70 would give a result between 1-70). One Knight (a group member) is worth one Dice each - and a possible 100 Dice Points – as this is the possible highest outcome of the Dice roll.

    The ATTACK!

    To attack a Keypoint you really only need to do three things:

    1. Dice for your attack
    2. Dice for the Keypoint's defense.
    3. RP the whole thing while you dice - and have FUN!

    Attack dice:

    How many dice you can perform in the attack with depends on how many men you attack with. ONE Knight/Attacker counts for ONE dice. Ergo - ONE Knight is worth 100 Dice Points in a attack.
    SO... If you attack with a group of 8, you get to dice 8 dice, with a possible maximum of 800 Dice Points to gain. Each Knight rolls a dice in turn. Then the 8 results are added up - and Voila! - You have your Attack Number

    So here it is in play:

    Knight 1 – 37 (37 out of 100 possible Dice Points)
    Knight 2 – 49 (49 out of 100 possible Dice Points)
    Knight 3 – 21 (21 out of 100 possible Dice Points)
    Knight 4 – 58 (58 out of 100 possible Dice Points)
    Knight 5 – 72 (72 out of 100 possible Dice Points)
    Knight 6 – 36 (36 out of 100 possible Dice Points)
    Knight 7 – 67 (67 out of 100 possible Dice Points)
    Knight 8 – 89 (89 out of 100 possible Dice Points)
    Sum of the Knight Attack = 429 (out of 800 possible Dice points)

    Enemy Keypoint defending dice:

    How many dice can be performed for the Enemy defense is depending on how many dice the Enemy held Keypoint is worth. Each Keypoint has a fixed worth of dice measured from its size, defensive works as walls and geographical importance.
    In this example the Enemy Keypoint attacked is The South Guard Ruins - which is worth 6 dice. The GM calls (in this example) for 6 members to dice for the Enemy Keypoint defense.
    Dice 1 = 45 (45 out of 100 possible Dice Points)
    Dice 2 = 57 (57 out of 100 possible Dice Points)
    Dice 3 = 98 (98 out of 100 possible Dice Points)
    Dice 4 = 63 (63 out of 100 possible Dice Points)
    Dice 5 = 53 (53 out of 100 possible Dice Points)
    Dice 6 = 71 (71 out of 100 possible Dice Points)
    Result of the Defense = 387 (out of possible 600)
    Result of the attack:

    Attacker wins with 429 towards the defending Keypoint 387. The attacker will capture the Keypoint.

    Roleplaying the Attack

    The basic Role-play of the Attack is to start the whole thing off with dicing for the Attack Number. Then you start Roleplaying right away.
    Do not just waltz in and kill everything – but try to use time and make it realistic, using emotes and orders and signs. Then during the fight – the GM will at some point ask for the Dices rolled for the defense.
    SO! You do not know the outcome of the Attack before this point. It can be in the middle of the fight, or late in the fight. When the defensive dice have been tossed and the outcome of the Attack is clear, you continue the RP accordingly to the result.
    NOTE: If you get a draw – the defending part will have the advantage.
    So if the 8 Knights had gotten a total of 350 Dice Points to The South Guard Ruins Defending 350 Dice Points – the attack would be seen as a draw and the Knights would have had to forfeit and leave without claiming the Keypoint to their own.


    If your character rolls a result of 5 and lower when you roll for the Attack Points - you get injured in some way. You can yourself decide on how, where and when you are injured during the battle - but it must happen. This injury will also be severe enough for you to not be able to continue the battle - so your group will have to RP accordingly, and get your character to safety.
    If you are defeated by NPC's in the battle, this also functions as you getting injured. So again your group must act accordingly. Your group does not need to forfeit the attack - as long as they feel they have the manpower to continue. If the group plans to attack several Keypoints after each other - and you are injured - you cannot join other attacks this evening after your injury.
    As with anything else - RP the injury with realism.

    Reporting in the score!

    Weekly attacks

    Every keypoint can be attacked only once per week. A kin can also not attack several keypoints at a time per week. Only one is allowed per kin. After the attack is done, the GM will have to contact the area GM and report in the result. If the attack was a success, the Keypoint is now in the control of that kin, and others may not attack it again for now. If the attack ended with a draw or a loss – then the Keypoint is still open for a new attack whenever.
    Scoring board

    On the website <….> there is a page with all the maps and all the Keypoints – which will have additional info behind them
    If another GM ran a war event and won, he must post the info to the area’s GM, and he will update the list. e.g.:

    In this case just write:

    Attacked South Guard Ruins
    Kin: Knight of Eriador
    Number of members: 8
    Score: Knights: 429, Enemy: 387 – WIN!
    Casualties: 0

    Retaliation by the Enemy

    Once a week The area GM will make a few dice rolls on behalf of the enemy – so they can have the possibility of re-capturing some of their camps, forts or caves. Again opening them for people to form groups and form an attack on them again. So the story can develop.
    The GM who does this will need to write out a short report. A report will be posted on the website or on LA.
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    kin: http://knightsoferiador.shivtr.com
    Oronir, officer and GM in KoE, Tailor of hookworth
    My RP Campaign TCoS: http://laurelinarchives.org/node/35680
    Always looking for other GMs to work on RP related events

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    Role-play tips

    Roleplay is not something everyone is experienced in so follow this excellent link for tips: https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthr...n-and-the-Lore

    Here are some basic guidelines:

    1. When on story quest type “/rp“, which shows others you are Rping
    3. Time and travel: every 10min in game-time is actually 80min for our characters.
    4. Clothing should match the situation. Simple medieval clothes in normal circumstances and special outfits when on ceremonies or special trips. Gloves and helmets for example are usually not worn all the time. Have worm clothing when venturing in the snow etc..
    5. When walking the preferred method is 1st person view or almost.
    kin: http://knightsoferiador.shivtr.com
    Oronir, officer and GM in KoE, Tailor of hookworth
    My RP Campaign TCoS: http://laurelinarchives.org/node/35680
    Always looking for other GMs to work on RP related events

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    The streets of Bree are full of people going about their business, the sounds of the town fill the air. Amongst the many shouting and calling there is one that is repeated on several squares and taverns: “We are looking for able men to join our 3-day patrol in Breeland. Come and sign here. Breeland and The knights of Eriador need you.”

    OOC: First instalment of Chapter Three si about to start soon. If you want to participate send me a mail in game. The choice is between 1 out of 3 patrols. Play can be anywhere from FRi to sun. Contact me for any questions.
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    kin: http://knightsoferiador.shivtr.com
    Oronir, officer and GM in KoE, Tailor of hookworth
    My RP Campaign TCoS: http://laurelinarchives.org/node/35680
    Always looking for other GMs to work on RP related events

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    Patrols are on their way

    The patrol to Trestlebridge has gone on their way. We continue with patrols to buckland and lone lands during the next few weeks. IF you wanna join one of these RP moments just get in touch.
    kin: http://knightsoferiador.shivtr.com
    Oronir, officer and GM in KoE, Tailor of hookworth
    My RP Campaign TCoS: http://laurelinarchives.org/node/35680
    Always looking for other GMs to work on RP related events

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    Looking for players

    Chapter 3: part 1 - Investigating for clues

    Patrols have been send out and the last of these are about to leave from Bree to the border to the lone lands. Any mature RP players out there wishing to take part can contact me in-game, on LA or here.

    Any individual is welcome but especially RP kins wishing to connect are welcome. If our kins are like-minded we can even share in each other events.

    Happy gaming
    kin: http://knightsoferiador.shivtr.com
    Oronir, officer and GM in KoE, Tailor of hookworth
    My RP Campaign TCoS: http://laurelinarchives.org/node/35680
    Always looking for other GMs to work on RP related events



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