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    So... did Gladden die?

    Hey all, I haven't played in a year and a half. Really since the server merger happened. I was going to wait until Turbine (haha) shored up the server lag issues when everything was finally consolidated, then see what happened.

    However, from what I've been hearing, it seems Arkenstone somehow has overtaken Gladden as a premiere PvP server. Never thought I'd see the day that happened, seeing Ark's prior history of not-so-much pvp.

    I probably won't be coming back anytime soon anyway, but as I've browsed the forums over the past month or so, I noticed a depressing shift of what this server used to be. I was hoping Gladden would return to some of its former glory with the server merging, but it seems a lot of the old people I used to play with have vanished, and the newer people here are soon departing as well. Also, whenever I look on this forum, I feel like I'm looking at another server; no offense to any of you, but I don't recognize any of your names lol.

    With all this in mind, I have a few questions:

    Are there any original Gladdennites left here?
    Why have people left?
    For what reasons?

    Thanks and hopefully even in my absence, this server can retain some sustenance. I understand this game's old, but it's sad to hear this server in such a state of decline.

  2. baunderbridge/Callem here.

    -Gladden died, pretty much the entire freep population transferred off gladden to Arkenstone in a matter of days, then creeps followed shortly. I myself have transferred my creeps there Its kinda sad how fast Gladden died. It took a matter of days for gladden to go from the third most populated pvp server to the least

    Edit* I Really am not a fan of ark, but it beats having nothing to fight. Way to zergy and not enough gladden creeps that i enjoyed running with over the years
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    Im still in game, though not anywhere close to what i used to be. Been on Ark for about a year now myself...(Have an lm there and my alt creeps from Gladden). Still hop on creep on Gladden every once and a while. Not sure if i wanna take the Bill that is Curly from home yet but, if its gonna be perma dead i may.


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    I'm still around....roar!

    - Wolfgash

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    Most left because of the lame action. Spending hours a day, across the span of a week trying to find action only to have the creeps call out or sit in grams til freeps left (forgot the names, but there's a ss I took of creeps complaining we wouldn't let them pve, and they had no intentions to pvp), and an overall lack of being able to get stable action situated caused most of us to leave. Sure, ark is zergy, but I've made more renown in 3 weeks there than 7 months on gladden.

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    What? people transferred off? Granted I haven't logged in like a week but I didn't know people left

    Mind telling what creeps left


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    I am on Landy now. Random-ish action but it's nice for me. Not super zergy 24/7 like Ark but can have RvR but often lack good creeps to fight the freeps if they do come out in force. Thanks for the fun though Gladden! Was fun while it lasted.


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    Im on Arkenstone.
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    Turn back the clock about a year and Brandywine was the #1 PvMP server in terms of population and RvR action. Then the Russian servers closed down and the Russians moved (mainly) to Brandywine. Fast forward a few months and most US prime-time players have either quit the game or transferred to other servers. Come the second round of free transfers off Brandywine, the server was basically dead and the loyal few that remained finally decided to transfer elsewhere. Myself and my Tribe decided to go to Gladden over Arkenstone as we had done quite a bit of research on which server to go to, had played on Gladden a fair bit, and had been told by many (both Freeps and Creeps) that the Server had a lack of Creeps at US prime-time often enough to be a problem. This was a gap we could fill and so we transferred, the server was great at the time and the action stayed really good for a good few months (had some great RvR in that time). I'm not entirely sure what happened to Gladden, but it seemed to be that, for whatever reason, there was a lack of consistently available Freep/Creep leaders and players. I'm no authority on this as when the server began to "die" I was in the middle of my University semester and busy with study, assignments and exams. I did hear about some Freep drama, but I don't know what effect (if any) that had. Quite a few Gladden Creeps that were around last December also seemed to stop playing. There was a lot of rumour-mongering going on in-game and on the forums which may have influenced the decision for a lot of the major US prime-time Freep PvPers to leave. This was mostly due to a lull in the action from the new Update while the Freeps were busy in PvE-land grinding the new gear/essences. In any case, when the second round of free transfers off Gladden opened up the Freep PvPers just referred to all decided to leave one after the other. The Creeps (my Tribe and some others) followed shortly afterwards. It seems that most (if not all) of those just mentioned went to Arkenstone. The action on Arkenstone isn't amazing (I'll take SoM-RoI Brandywine any day of the week), but it's sufficient and better than no action at all.


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    I have no plans to move. Will probably float a few creeps on each server for whichever one if the flavor of the month. Give it a few weeks people will all transfer to Gladden lol. It feels like such a riddermark thing to follow the action all over. PVP simply lost a ton of people due to old game, no updates and new PVE content for freeps to do.

    To me this whole thing is like watching a horror movie where a few kids or scared adults start rumors and get everyone worked up and 80% of people leave main group because they think the grass is greener and they end up dead or running back to main group. Everyone went to Ark because 10 people told 100 people and 100 people told 1,000 people and with those people gone players without groups/kins or anything were "forced" to follow. I saw much complaining from Gladden born people about their kinds xferring off.

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    Ehh it'll be like every other time another server was the "premiere PVP server." People will flock to it, get bored of it, and go home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by YesMaam View Post
    Everyone went to Ark because 10 people told 100 people and 100 people told 1,000 people and with those people gone players without groups/kins or anything were "forced" to follow.
    This. Pretty much a self-fulfilling prophecy type of thing. A few folks started talking about how Ark was *the* pvp server, and saying it often enough and loud enough made it so. I logged on my warg this evening for the first time in a whiles just to hang out and was saddened to see so many friends gone from my list. Granted, Turbine kinda fluffed creeps over with 59 LI tiers now (lol), but still - I was hoping to see a friendly face. Gladden is my home and I'll stay here til the day they shut the servers down... hopefully when that happens I can be in-game with friends. :P
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    Well I also made the move to Arkenstone for mainly the more consistent action and most of the creeps I play with moved there

    So long Gladden it's been fun you'll always be home too me.




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