I'd like to see the epic quests descriptions include a screenshot or posting of the NPC dialogue. For example, I just did the Book 1, ch 11 epic quest Othrongroth. There are three points where an NPC has a flaming ring over his head, indicating he must be "talked to" to continue the quest, so I'm assuming there is NPC dialogue. These points are Tom Bombadil at the beginning and end, and the Barrow Wight King just before the final battle starts. However, most players don't seem to be interested in the dialouge, and if the lead player just immediately clicks "continue quest", then you have no chance to see the dialogue yourself. After completion, the quest description says you must report the important information you have learned back to Strider. And I'm like, "What information? What have I learned? " I don't even know. All I know is I helped kill a bunch of wights and Dourhands and saw Skorgrim for a split second. I feel like I'm missing out on the story, when I don't even know what the point of even going to Othrongroth was.
The only thing for it is to repeat the quest. But then I have to find another group, and they have to be willing to at least let me get a screenshot of the dialogue text before beginning the fighting. It sure would be nice if there was a resource to go to to get the dialogue text afterwards.