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    A Final Best of the Best.

    I haven't played on Imladris in a long time, and never will again obviously, but I also was one of the first members of the server. I feel as though I am well enough acquainted with the server to post this list. So, here we go! Keep in mind, these are all time, not latest.

    Lets start with my personal class, Captain. I'm going to do a top three, in similarity to Brios post. Number one: Perodor. Now, some of you could have guessed, if not all of you. Perodor always had amazing analysis of a group comp, knew exactly what he needed to be doing and when to be doing it. Not only was his performance in groups outstanding, but he could also solo. He was amazing at one v ones, set up or random encounter, and hit like a truck. Perodor was my mentor, and I will always cherish the wonderful conversations Halruil, Pero, and I would have in regards to captains. Number two: Deltrion. Captains are described class wise as leaders, and even though that's obviously not every captain, Deltrion had that trait down. The man was a born leader, a fierce opponent in the moors. He could lead either side, and he knew the class like the back of his hand. The man was amazing in group and solo play, and was just a really nice, cool and chill guy to talk to. And finally, number three: Halruil. Like the two mentioned above, he was (and still is, over here on Landy with me :P) a master of the class, and one of the many people I went to with questions about gear or builds exc. Now, I would like to givesome honorable mentions to Phoenixash and Aglathion. You two were both also amazing captains, and still are when you play on Landy. Props to you too, Treyvorn. There are plenty of other captains that come to mind, and plenty of good ones on Imladris. Cheers to all of you

    Second off, my other class. (I am so being biased on order of classes here.) Burglar. Number one: Miroe. Dude, you were a monster, during SoM especially. I remember the first time I saw you, on TA lawn. This time, you were solo, though I am sure Irial was close by in case you needed help :P (No offense, not taking shots at your soloing ability at all, as the memory will show) Anyways, you were on TA lawn and three wargs jumped you straight out of stealth. I was sprinting, eager to assist, when you dropped one of them. I hesitated, due to the fact you were still full health. A second dropped dead, and then the third did as well, trying to finish you. I was such a noob, I could have probably secured the last hit, but I was so scared to die to you. A monster in his prime. I'm talking like r5-6 wargs, pretty decent back in SoM, too. (For our server anyway) All of em dead. I ran off, screaming 'Help, TA lawn!'. Dude, you knew your class, did monster damage, worked well solo and in your duo. Number two: Maethar. Bro...monster of swap gear. I have no prejudices against any kind of play. You had a swap for everything, and if I recall it was all manual, not macro. Monster deeps, you took the full advantage of your class and options to destroy your opponents. You were also a really, really chill guy to play with. Number Three: Agonize. You weren't really around too much, but I can't deny you your spotlight. A master burg, you restricted your skills to even up fights because you were so damn good. I really enjoyed fighting you, and you were one of the nicest transfers to make it from Vilya. I'd say more about you, but the videos speak for themselves. Check out Agonize on Youtube, for anyone with doubts. Kick ###. In all honesty, all of these three are about equal in skill level imo. Amazing job guys.
    Honorable mentions go to Argio, Dungold, and Dangoon for being very prominent and hard hitting burgs, and fun to group with, and both of you had balls when it came to picking fights.

    Next, we'll do hunters. Number one: I'm going to have to say Haeborwen here. The girl knew her class, and knew how to play it extremely well in the moors. Beside Apache, she was so unkillable. Being unkillable is nice, especially when you have monster dps to back it up. She hit like a truck, played like a boss, and could also lead a group. Not only was she a very nice group hunter, she also did solo. I have to say, it was rare, but would you NOT play with your significant other if they played lotro too? Regardless, she could pull some fine solo fights and one v ones when given the opportunity. Number two: Ikuo. Ikuo brought something new to the field when he first came to Imladris. He brought the amazing concept that hunters shouldn't be scared of a warg. Now, I realize there were hunters who could kick some major warg butt in the moors, but Ikuo preached it. He would even go as far as demonstrating for others on how to do it. He made a huge impact on the hunters of Imladris, and I will never forget the day he actually dropped my warg :P Of course, I repayed the favor later though ;D Number Three: I'm going to have to put Jango right here. Our favorite flirt (Sorry bro, its undeniable.) was an amazing hunter. He had a way with the players, leading around freep groups in the moors, creating action, and he pulled off some nice one v ones at GG. Now, we definitely didn't always see eye to eye, but I can't deny him his place among this list. Some honorable mentions(plenty here) would be Leahx, my favorite duo partner and best friend for as long as I can remember. Karondo, a monster hunter who brought pain to the game when he was actually out. Tulcavaryar, or as I call him, the Tulc-Shark. If he got the jump on you, it sucked to be in your position. Irial, whom will always have me wondering just HOW she hit so damn hard back in SoM. Thandarnuir, a very skilled and patient hunter, and one of my favorites to group with.

    Next, we'll give champs a stab. Number one: Meldo. Dude, you kicked major butt, were hell to bring down, and did monster damage. You still do (Landy, people! Come to us! We want you!!) and you do it with good fun. I don't know what else to say besides continue to kick ### man. Number two: Heperment. I dislike you, think you are a #### person, don't want anything to do with you, but I will admit you had a pretty good handle on champs. Number three: Not alot of champs come to mind for number three, but Ranikki (Or Runikki, to those of Candy Mountain) is definitely a good champ. Now, I will remind all who had forgotten, Runikki made the fatal error of underestimating Gulk that one day on Candy Mountain, and it proved a funny story for a long time. Regardless, Runikki was a good champ and proved a problem in RvR and could pull some nice solo fights. Props to you man! Some honorable mentions would be Ononion, alt of Apache, who definitely killed it out there.

    Lets have a go at guards. Number one: Selcouth. A transfer, and close friend of mine, from Elendilmir, Selcouth was a monster on the field. The dude could demolish waves and waves of wargs, and destroy plenty of people in solo play. Sel wasn't known as much for his group play, because he really didn't do too much on guard (not that I remember) but when we ran around together, I knew I could always count on his damage. Hands down one of the best guards I've ever played with. Number two: Brickwall. Dude, you brought the HAMMER DOWN. You were legit the nicest person EVER in the moors, it was like impossible to hate you. You rocked the dps guard before it was even a widely popular thing. That overpowered stance man, you hurt. You knew your class well, and weren't even max geared if I recall. You just had skill. Amazing. I miss you and your wit. Number three: Aragonis. Another guard with the Overpowered stance down, you proved an amazing guard on the field back in the early days of imladris, and will always be one of the best we had in my honest opinion. (Aragonis is on Landy too. Oh, so is Selcouth. Seriously guys, come kick it with us.) Honorable mentions go to...well..none I can think of worth mentioning.

    Next up is wardens. Straight away, Baffled gets top spot. Baffled was one of the most amazing wardens I ever had the honor of fighting. I remember Silar and I would exchange tips on how to beat him one v one, back in RoI. The three of us had a neat little circle near CLC where we one v oned for a while one day, all killing each other a fair amount of times. Great guy, hilarious at that, and a good warden. Next up: Hellras. Hellras was always around, on warg on warden, and he brought the hurt on either. But, for warden, the man knew the class. He had it down, had good movement, was impossible to shake in raids when he was on you, and a beast on Candy Mountain. Third: Zannah. Zannah was a pest in RvR, and honestly impossible to bring down. I remember the old SoM wardens who could tank 24 creeps for like twenty minutes, and Zannah was one of those wardens. Zannah had no fear, and proved a tide turner in fights when stuck to war leaders or defilers. Honorable mentions go to Thecookiemonster, a fierce little hobbit who also could lead. Murph, always one of my favorites to run with. Nim, a monster dps machine with mad skill. Lupim, one tanky mofo who also spit out some above average damage.

    Lets go with Loremasters: Number one: Aergollor. Not many will remember the leader of Valacirca, but this LM brought the hurt. Solid LM, massive damage, great leader. Number two: Samchez. This man wouldn't EVER let SI drop. I hated that on my warg, and on any character. Great LM, great group member, nice damage. Number three: Elthilioneth. Elthi was one of the only solo LMs, or small group LMs, I remember. Great at her class, and such a nice person :P
    Honorable mentions go to Arriou, a great LM who also had quite nice damage output. Svijetlana, a nice LM who brought tons of CC to the fight, more then any other LM I remember. Murphy, great at like everything he plays, also goes here. Coriantumr, a pretty decent LM who had that SI game on point.

    Ministrels: Apache!! Apache was a badass leader, amazing healer, and did some nice dps, though I'd have to say he made a better healer. One of the most infamous leaders out there, he was hard to beat and a real challenge to play against. Him and Talidis would go at it for ages with one v ones, and I can only remember one where Talidis won after like an hour. Number two: Droker. I consider Droker a dps monster, who was also a pretty badass healer too. (Still is on Landroval) Number three: Elba. Elba and I haven't always seen eye to eye, but he was a good ministrel regardless, and could really lead a group. He did a good job in dps and heals, but he seemed best at healing in my opinion. Honorable mentions go to Waldan and Daenerys. Good minis.

    Finally, for freeps, Runekeepers! Pentar my man, you are right here on top. One day I am sitting, killing norbog peacefully as my little rank 4 self, when I see two flaming creeps running by. I keyboard turn my slow butt around and BOOM. As I complete the 180, dead. Pentar one shots me with a 12.6k EC to the face. Keeps running after the other creeps. Dude did massive dps, and will always have a place in my heart as the only freep to completely one shot me. Number two: Inacthas. Bro, you could heal, you could dps, and you did both extremely well. Props to you, was always fun to fight you. Number three: Murphy takes an actual spot in this one. You were the best at your RK imo, and you hit like a truck. I remember you doing dps role more than heal role, but I'm sure you did great at both. Honors to Venacava, Ona, Xethias, Cenifh.

    Lets start off with wargs, for creeps. Number one: Gurakhar! Gurakar? I forget, its been so long. He's known as Gura to those who remember him <3. Gura was a badass warg, major dps, and a good leader, especially as a warg pack leader. Number two: Grashnahl. Grash was one of the most adored, influential, outgoing, kindess most enjoyable people to be around. He played a sick warg, had an awesome personality, and I enjoyed being part of his warg packs. He knew what targets to pick and when, and I benefited greatly from playing with both him and Gura. Number Three: Silar. This monster of a warg has been wrecking the field for ages, the silent killer, he isn't very talkative in ooc or anything. Keeps his head low, game on and kicks major ###. I had the pleasure of duoing with Silar on multiple occasions and enjoy the experience immensely. One of the only wargs to beat Baffled, if I recall correctly, during RoI, when it came to 1v1s. Honorable mentions go to Thumpnakh, Pushdug, Mrbitey, Pawz, Jotar, Muttface, Potzen and Panzen.

    Warleaders: #1 Krimond. This beast of a warleader put the leader in warleader. He's a monster in fights, can call shots, knows exactly when to be where, what to do when, and it is like impossible to take him down. (Landy, again. Be with us!) One of my favorite RvR fights was when I lead 24 against Krimond leading 24, right near east TA ford. The whole ramp on both sides of the ford was lined with bodies, massive fighting. #2 goes to Gulk. Gulk was a monster, 1v1 and in groups. (1v1 reference to the end of our champ section :P) The dude had on point bubbles and cooldown heals, spectacular rez's. #3 goes to Dodgethiss. Jo's WL was amazing, and the man could lead. Still can. He's a boss, tanky, and knows the class extremely well. Honorable mentions go to Marluxia, Shraknakh, Akbakrat, Warbite. All of you were awesome.

    Reavers: Reeferbaby. Duh. This monster reaver came from Firefoot with Brio, and right away he proved to be one of the best. Knew the class like no other, moved like no other, and was just straight up amazing. He was a beast to fight, and one of the reavers I never beat. Overall master of the class, and one of the best from Firefoot too, based on many I've met who claim to have known him. He's also a hilarious person to talk to, a great leader and target caller, and just a general great guy. (Guess which server he is on, eh? Starts with an L) #2 Dugond. Dugond had the perfect view on the class, and could play it very nicely. One of the best reavers out there, a monster especially in RvR. Also, like listed above in the Krimond statements, the dude can lead. Great leader. #3 Glashburz. Now, Glash was an egotistical loud mouth, but atleast he backed up his talk. The adopted son of Reeferbaby learned from the best, and became one of the best. He backed up all of the trash he talked. I am proud to call him a friend, as trolly as he is. He was a monster 1v1er, and a great listener in groups. Honorable mentions go to Kotomine, Jazzhands, Bamorz, Ya

    BA's: #1 Maziokino. Reefer was one of the first BAs to use Keen Eye when it still had the movement impairment, and wouldn't pull that hinder kite BS on melees. He'd kite ya through fire trap, but not hinder spam. Great damage, and as stated above, Reefer is awesome. #2 Deadeyedermot. Deadeye didn't go down when he had Enpeecee beside him, and when he didn't go down it just meant continuous high damage from this amazing BA with even more amazing dps. #3 is going to be a joint recognization for Varkena and Stinkyfoot. The amazing BA duo that rocked the moors constantly with its massive dps numbers. Both were hella good, and had a reputation for it. Honorable mentions go to Lugdabush, the walking one shotter. Zaugog. Hawtshot, Kittysniper, Muzle, Skamtor, Shakhuruath

    Defilers: Big man Talidis on campus! Talis always been a great defiler, and one of the very few who would solo. Talidis was also an exceptional leader, amazing healer, and a great person all around. Nice guy, likes everybody and was liked by everybody that I could remember. (Landyyyyy) #2 Deathgoober. Goober was awesome, and a great healer in his prime. Lead groups, lead the Direlings, and was a nice guy. A celebrity, even, among the older players of Imladris. Goober and Talidis in a raid during SoM was like the bomb. Unstoppable heals, especially when combined with a pair of good WL's like Akbak and Shrak.
    #3 goes to Enpeecee. Badass defiler, killer heals, especially when it came to healing Deadeye. Enpeecee always put herself before others, selfless defense and healing when it came down to it. Clutch heals, amazing kiting, good mastery of the class. Honors go to Anthracis, and a certain defiler I can't rememer the name of from SoM...wish I could, sorry. Also, Boborrin, Lubshag, and Pawz's defiler...forget the name of it on Imladris.

    Spiders: Brionac!!!!! You where its at m8. Brio was an exceptional spider, and every other nice thing is listed in the Baffled section. (Getting tired of writing at this point.) Check him out on youtube too for some quality spider pvp. #2 Lenor. Lenor was the CC MASTER in every situation. Dude had you locked up so quick, so often, it was just a pain. In 1v1s, impossible to get close to him under the right circumstances. #3 Malgil. Malgil could lock you down just as well as any other spide, and could throw down when it came to it. In a group, the guy was awesome, and when he jumped you in Grothum...rip you. Malgil is great, nice, and fun to talk to. Honorable mentions go to Iluvulong, Tarantanor, Symphony, Hellsweb, Sandtrap!

    Well folks, I probably missed a few people worth mentioning in the honorable mentions, but I believe that is my final list. Thank you Imladris, for all of the memories. This place was my home, and forever will be. I would like to make special note that after transfering, I concede to even, who I believe to be, the worst imladris players were good, compared to people on these other servers. We had quality, not quantity, but we just didn't know it. Through all the drama, I still love this place. Love you all, except Heper, and encourage you to take a trip to landy and try to catch up with some of us. Cheers!
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    Reading this made me so nostalgic it almost hurts. I had to go back and watch some old imladris pvp vids. I agree, this server definitely had the best pvpers of all the servers I played on. (Imladris, Brandywine, Gladden - That's not to say there weren't some skilled players on BW & Gladden, there definitely were, however Imladris had the most amount of skilled pvp'ers on any of those servers imo).

    I don't play this game anymore, but still occasionally browse the forums. Imladris has some awesome memories. I keep secretly hoping they remake this game with updated graphics, combat (dodge rolling, omg <3 ), etc, even though I know that'll never happen, ;(

    Shoutout to all the awesome people I played on imladris with back in the day. Inacthas, Castle, Daenyras, Elba, Goon, Phoenix, Reeferbaby, etc etc. It's been so long I can't even remember everyone's names. D: I feel so old now.

    Anyway, I don't feel the need to post a list, I think Castle pretty much covered it, and ilu all anyway, so you're all on my list <3


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    Quote Originally Posted by MonkeyMe View Post
    Reading this made me so nostalgic it almost hurts. I had to go back and watch some old imladris pvp vids. I agree, this server definitely had the best pvpers of all the servers I played on. (Imladris, Brandywine, Gladden - That's not to say there weren't some skilled players on BW & Gladden, there definitely were, however Imladris had the most amount of skilled pvp'ers on any of those servers imo).

    I don't play this game anymore, but still occasionally browse the forums. Imladris has some awesome memories. I keep secretly hoping they remake this game with updated graphics, combat (dodge rolling, omg <3 ), etc, even though I know that'll never happen, ;(

    Shoutout to all the awesome people I played on imladris with back in the day. Inacthas, Castle, Daenyras, Elba, Goon, Phoenix, Reeferbaby, etc etc. It's been so long I can't even remember everyone's names. D: I feel so old now.

    Anyway, I don't feel the need to post a list, I think Castle pretty much covered it, and ilu all anyway, so you're all on my list <3

    I am continually finding myself adding more and more to the list because EVERYONE was so damn good! I have to go back every few days or so because I'm like "OMG NO WAY I FORGOT THIS PERSON!" It just hits me in the head like :O I miss these good old days, and atm I am watching every imladris pvp video over again lol. Just wish I could be back in these times, playing with you all again. I even miss the people I used to hate now. It's making me all sad

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    Muzle is the GOAT (miss you castle xoxo) and Jango sucks <3

    - Muzle

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    As I have been gone for 4+ months, I just saw this. Thanks Chewie. It's dope that you can still remember the epicness of our duos. Good ol' days. I have actually left Landy on my return due to very close friends moving to Arkenstone again (people that keep me playing). At this time, I can announce (for now) RIP my guard and LM. I made a cappy before quiting and got him to 100 + 95% geared. I returned, quickly got to 105 and I'm close to geared. Having a lot of fun on a class that is actually a challenge and proves to be useful :P. Also, WTB best of for LM, warg, and WL.

    Good times when Glash mangasm'd over my guard before it hit the server, trash talked me, then lost.

    Ona, if you ever come back and see this, hey fam ;p.

    - Talon/Selcouth/Adalet/Perceive/Oracular

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    I obviously don't check this that much, and I haven't played nearly as much as I use to (still stuck at 14), but it was nice to see so many fun names on your list. I also liked that you didn't let (many of) your personal grudges sway your choices. My early days were the best when I decided to make grothum as deadly for freeps as hh was for creeps. The unintended hatred was a nice added bonus as it usually brought large numbers to my humble abode...at which point my friends were a few keystrokes away. Playing with my wife, jojo, pawz, chewie, thump, duggy, tali, reef, glash, dermot, npc, bogbrothers and all the rest of the checkers were the reason I kept logging in. Killing freeps was an added bonus....even tho I still hate most of you I definitely miss the ragequits and rageflips. While I will always concede the top spot to Brio...I was the best spider of my time and freeps ran more than they fought. Sorry, had to do that one more time. Happy hunting

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malgil View Post
    While I will always concede the top spot to Brio...
    Quite the understatement there. Brio was, and still is, far and away better then any spider to ever walk the moors of imladris. Other people simply played spider, brio did something with the class on just a whole other level.

    Notice me brio, my love.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kohkohpuffs View Post
    Quite the understatement there. Brio was, and still is, far and away better then any spider to ever walk the moors of imladris. Other people simply played spider, brio did something with the class on just a whole other level.

    Notice me brio, my love.
    He won't, he's to busy doing other things. C;

    Edit: Sel I have no idea what you mean by that, but hi :P Long time no talk! I thought I had you on steam but doesn't look like it. :l rip
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    this thread makes me LOL.
    The Lover®: So suave. So cool. So debonair. So smooth.

    This is CYAN. This is TEAL. Know the difference.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dmark101 View Post
    this thread makes me LOL.

    And do tell why?

    Also, if any of you care to contact lil ol me anymore, my steam is Castle/Rally. Hit me up there peepz

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    Nice thread....I recognize a few names...

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    Pretty good list, especially as far as Wargs go. Spot on. RIP Gura & Grash.

    Disagree with Heper completely, he picked it up at the height of its broken status and rank-farmed from what I heard.

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    Great info! After some years of inactive gaming only now i can say i had chances to play with best of bests in raids and kin runs.
    Svijetlana was queen of LM in server, one of the kind as leader and LM, was great to run with always, she had also cappy and what was amazing she could heal, tank and dps with that thing same as mini, guards or hunters...How she did it hard to say, but that cappy could do evrything.
    Zannah, Meldo, Thandarnuir, Eveline (one of the best tanks), Nimrinoth (Mini of the mini's teached me a lot), Aragonis and many others great players not only playing in "Goat".

    Thank you all for memories and being great in what you were doing!

    Hope to meet any of you in Landy some other day and place!

    with love Theowien

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    My man Castle. I felt some kind of need to look through the Lotro forums after all these years. And i run up on this thread 2 years after it was written. Time really goes by so fast.
    What can i say? We all shared this time together no matter how silly it might sound. Life took us on different paths. I remember all you wonderful people.
    Nimrinoth was one of my greatest pals here, you Castle as well. Ona, Loved running with her on what ever side of the field i was on. Getting killed by her was actually quite a joy.
    I mean now that i think about it i get flooded with nostalgia. Lotro is a game, but its also a part of my life, a small part that brings such great memories. Its silly isnt it?

    I know not many will read this, if anyone ever, but in case you do.... You can find me on the Steem blockchain, (Steemit social media site) under the name @lordbutterfly if you want to say hi. Id love it if you did that.

    Have a great life everyone and may the memories live on.

    Aragonis, signing out.

    Only fools and dead men never change their mind



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