Another hang-over from the pre-release forums, in honor of the original Riddle Game Master, Brodomir!

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Is "Riddles in the Dark" one of your favorite parts of The Hobbit? If so come and partake of a riddle or two here!


1.Have fun and be nice.

2.Only one riddle at a time.

3.The person giving the riddle has 24 hours to respond yes or no to a answer or else it is counted as “dead.”

4.If a riddle is “dead", the person who gave the last riddle has first crack at posting a new riddle.

5.The first person to get a right answer to a riddle has 24 hours to post a new riddle. If no new riddle is given, then the last person to give a riddle has first crack at posting a new riddle.

6. If the person whose turn it is to give a riddle does not wish to give one, they may pass it to whoever they wish.
So now, the first of (hopefully) many riddles to come:

The world was young, the mountains green,
When first was wrought my silver sheen.
Though once I sat on Deathless head,
The brow on which I shone is dead.

The world's now grey, the mountains old,
And where I lie, the air is cold.
In clearest pool I do now rest,
'Til again I sit, on Durin's crest.