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    Quote Originally Posted by Seregrian View Post
    I see that I am not alone in documenting my journeys in screenshot form. And yours deserve all praise!

    I am hoping to follow your lead in doing much the same thing: not only visual, but fanfiction and roleplay as well.

    All praise to your talents!
    Thank you, I like taking screenshots, i know many want to see later areas of the game but don't have the time and I have seen this said before, so sharing screenshots for those who want to see rest of Middle-earth that has been crafted into game form, I shall post more screenshots soon of latest areas.
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    Here's a guide to making ABC files and my Screenshots of Middle-Earth. Also can follow me on Twitter for Adventures in Middle Earth and more!

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    Under the Black Wings

    "I guess that concludes negotiations..."

    The parley at Dâr-rukh ends with Seregrían squaring off against Gwathwethil, one of the merrevail guards of Bogrian, queen of the merrevail of Khazad-dûm.

    But what terrible secrets are about to be revealed...

    Estannen Seregrian, istriel i Imladris...


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