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    nice post Death....

    this servers 1v1s are terrible in terms of both creep and freep knowledge of what is allowed/not allowed in a 1v1. Most creeps I 1v1 tend to sneak in skills after they lose to me and I give them the benefit of the doubt. Theres a simple fact that some classes are just better then others and some players have more skill then others.

    This being said just because you lose a 1v1 doesnt give you the ok to come back and use everything in your arsenal to win the next one. My burg will never be able to 1v1 Dan's warg but that doesnt mean ill HiPS cdg him in a fight to gain the upper hand. These are 1v1s people not free farm the person im against time.

    Heres my list of things that are off limits that creeps on this server need to understand:

    Reavers using wrath..... my warden has 7 healing gambits that I would love to use in a 1v1 but I dont so you can get over not being able to use your only good heal
    Reavers using disarm... this ones debatable but after reavers start to spam it whenever its up its barely even a 1v1 and more just a kiting fest

    Wargs starting from stealth.... i dont do it on my burg in ANY 1v1 you shouldnt either plus your class is the easiest class to 1v1 with so get over it
    Wargs using HiPS... yes this does happen to me
    Wargs using silence... my warden can go through 50% of a 1v1 silenced even after pots so stop
    Wargs using flayer... dont even need to explain this

    Defiler fear.... it does no damage and is CC. Im fine with tenderize since its a dps skill and only has a percent chance to daze
    Defiler HoTs.... yes its happened before

    Spider pets.... you already have enough DPS, kiting while your pet pew pews from the side isnt a 1v1
    Spider web the earth... lemme just HiPS my way through your webbing and see how you feel... or rather sprint through it on my guard/champ/cappy
    Any Spider CC... self explanatory

    BA root... now im not huge fan of BAs that trap pre 1v1 and just kite but rooting me is practically an open field 1v1 so next time ill probably just use all my bleeds on you to make it feel more like an open field fight

    Overall im pretty lenient when it comes to 1v1s given i know most people here dont do them often but when a creep who I would originally kill easily in an open field fight uses everything in a 1v1 while im using 40% of my skills on my burg and only around 8-10 gambits on my warden its more farming then a fair fight

    Regardless ive always enjoyed 1v1s with the experienced players on this server that know the rules and are always fun to fight against so keep it up and I hope more people join in on the fun.


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    Quote Originally Posted by BooyahGrandma View Post
    I understand the rooting if it the basis for kiting for BA, though ive never seen issue with a root and go 2m away to cast a skill without the person the BA is fighting running around them.
    I don't think small-scale repositioning is what he means by kiting. I may be wrong, but I think Sneakymoth is referring to a BA that does the following being foul play: (i) uses CC on the target and then runs a significant distance away (>15m); (ii) uses slows on the target and continues to strafe-kite (in Skirmisher Stance, or Keen-Eye); (iii) uses further CC if the target manages to get back in melee range and brands any slows to continue strafe-kiting. I haven't seen any BAs 1v1 like that these days in anything but a pre-determined "all-out" fight (although, this used to be a legitimate strategy against the OP Champions back in RoI).

    That said, some amount of CC and re-positioning is absolutely necessary as a BA, i.e. using CC and running <5m away from the target to lay traps or fire off a few skills. If a BA simply stands still and 'turrets' in a 1v1 either he has a low enough ping that he can mouse-turn to face the target and still get skills off, or he won't get any skills off (unless the melee Freep is intentionally/unintentionally bad at running through the BA to reset/cancel inductions). If the melee class attacking the BA turret is half-decent even a low ping won't be of much help (and if you have a high ping, well... good luck).


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    I enjoy fair fights, but there is a limit on when it starts to get boring. Eventually both classes of a 1v1 for going to be auto-attacking. Warden vs Reaver for example, is a fight where both classes are held back immensely because of these "defined" rules. This creates an extremely stale fight. The warden as listed in your rules is basically limited to 3 skills (the spear bleeds) which is fine for balance against a reaver who is also limited to a small set of skills. I have no problem with any of the healing or fight-changing CDs you list, but taking core skills out of a classes rotation is pretty damn boring.

    You pretty much state that a skill should be prevented if it cannot be countered or the counter is not available

    I play a captain and you list all three of our standard/banner throw skills. They are not fight-changers nor are they unable to be countered (a simple 5 meter kite will leave radius). Atleast you didnt list pets, because thats even a more important aspect of our class. I personally use inspire (although it heals) because it is essential for our only real dps combo.

    Reaver on the other hand is also prevented from dev strike and impale. They generally don't hit hard enough on equal skilled and well geared players to be necessary. Although i would just use accordingly to the enemy class you're fighting.

    Wardens basically are limited to the button combinations 1-2-3 1-2-3-1 and 1-2-3-1-2. How delightful! I suppose this is problem with the class itself, but again we're basically going in circles getting rid of skills so that people have no excuse for not knowing how to use their array of skills

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    Most stupid thing Ive read on this forum. The game has rules built in, we need nothing more. Yes, classes are unbalanced, skills are unbalanced, healing is fked up on both sides and pots are insane. Play the game or leave, its that simple.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Menweviel View Post
    Most stupid thing Ive read on this forum.
    This^^^ I dont even come close to knowing how in the world you came up with this. From my main alone, you expect me to let melee just wail on me? Does my 1.6 induction 2k morale with a 30s cd heal scare you that much?
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    This is a post of a person who's entire personality and pride lies in the game.

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    If the fights are close who cares what CD's are used? If people worried less about Cd's and more about close and fun fights that would go a long way. If a person is getting steam rolled pop a Cd to make the fight more competitive no one likes one sided fights.


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    LOL at the keyboard warriors getting pants in a wad over someone's attempt at being helpful.

    For what it's worth, good LMs should learn to fight without fire shield, really good ones can learn to do without the Raven.

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    I want to know your reasoning on barring the hunter cc. CC is already immediately cut in half the moment you step in the moors. my 10s daze? Thats 5s from just being in the moors then its cut on every application after. You completely obliterate yellow line for a hunter, its what the line was designed to do. Minus tripwire and rain of thorns and pinning shot, all those have a hefty induction to get off. Is this a cry from the melee? Possibly. Dont really care because if 1,2,3 people on melee classes can combat the kite then the rest of them can. Reaver resilience out, stagger blade tosses...play smart. Wargs...depending on who is kiting or attempting to this might be easy to over come but i am saving my cc for if you crippling bite me, there is only a slight difference in my slow and theirs and I need a chance to gain ground to get out of melee range. Oh I did that? Drop in to flayer and really stick that slow...

    The fun of it is not to say oh dont hit me in the face I am too pretty, its oh you used that ok try this on for size. Overcoming the odds. Thats the only thing that makes pvp fun.
    Captain-General Ughidontknow...Tripso rnk 6 burg...Izeatzfreepz rnk 8 warg....Yells rnk 10 warleader
    Leader of The Hobbit Syndicate
    "Everyone wants to be the hero and no one wants to be support"

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    The reason why inspire is so important regardless of its heal is because it is part of the captain's crit chain basically. If they crit on inspire, they will auto-crit on shadows lament. If you crit on shadows lament, you can auto-crit on everything else (Devastating blow namely). Taking out inspire adds a lot more RNG to our fights because we can't force our skills to crit as often.

    No crits on a captain = automatic loss vs anyone.

    Also, Banner 30% damage is not 30% damage. It is 30% to base mastery. War Banner also increases our crit chance (See above).
    WarBanner has a 50% uptime and can be countered by simply moving out of its radius and using range skills or by utilizing debuffs during its duration.

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    So is the pat on the back and false sense of accomplishment really worth making the game drop dead boring?

    Also chill dude, look around and realize this is lotro pvp. Lotro....pvp.

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    I like cookies.


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    So what do we do? No contact, ranged auto attack?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kohkohpuffs View Post
    So is the pat on the back and false sense of accomplishment really worth making the game drop dead boring?

    Also chill dude, look around and realize this is lotro pvp. Lotro....pvp.
    not really a pat on the back but more of a way to get away from the zerg that is gladden and actually fight skilled players for once. Idk about you but I would rather 1v1 then roam for hours trying to find solos (which is rare) or small groups without a high rank WL or Defiler (even more rare). I guess you could also blame this servers insane amount of high rank defilers and warleaders for making me not want to roam for something I cant kill.

    honestly 1v1ing is one of my favorite things about pvp and after the 7 years of constant raids/zergs its refreshing to have an actual challenge in this game


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    LOL. Even if part of these rules really applies to Gladden I'm really happy I play on the server where no such rules widely used and most players 1v1s using almost all their skills. It learns you to unlock the potential of your class and survive in the most complex situations.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phindecano View Post
    LOL. Even if part of these rules really applies to Gladden I'm really happy I play on the server where no such rules widely used and most players 1v1s using almost all their skills. It learns you to unlock the potential of your class and survive in the most complex situations.
    Sort of. It also trains you to rely on cooldowns and stupid mechanics. 1v1ing with no Water Lore/Fire Shield as a LM is the best thing I ever did, as I actually learned to do DPS. Same thing with Warg with no stealth/Eye gouge as it helps you find priority of skills and develop an internal sense of when to use which skill.

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    I like cake and ice cream.
    I miss Ailly.


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    Quote Originally Posted by BooyahGrandma View Post
    @kohkohpuffs I'm fully aware that this is a discussion about the last priority of the developers of a game that has been dead for years. That does not change the fact that I still enjoy the game, think that a place with 1v1 rules that I can choose to partake in can improve on my enjoyment, and do not find this discussion or the rules to be a negative. You projecting your impression of these things or what you believe I feel about them changes nothing.
    I project nothing. I'm simply saying I raise my kids less seriously then you take this game. The game being lotro....lotro....what do you even think lotro stands for?

    For real though, being skilled at lotro pvp is like being the cool kid in high school.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phindecano View Post
    LOL. Even if part of these rules really applies to Gladden I'm really happy I play on the server where no such rules widely used and most players 1v1s using almost all their skills. It learns you to unlock the potential of your class and survive in the most complex situations.
    If all classes use everything in 1v1s the fights would be completely unbalanced due to how unbalanced classes are, for example on my Warden I can 1v1 a reaver and use one Restoration every 15 or 21 seconds depending on whether I am using the set bonus or not and I'll be at full morale the whole time between restoration and my parry heals.

    I agree that you should self nerf to a point to make a 1v1 close because everyone is at different skill levels and there is no way that if everyone followed these rules that we would have fair 1v1s just because of someone not being quicker and knowing their class better than the other person.

    My take would be self nerf yourself with these rules first fight, if you see the fight going one sided than the next time you 1v1 that person try and add more or less skills into your rotation to try and balance it out.

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    Warleader Strat:
    Damage/DoT and Kite.


    Please just let that soak in and think before you make absolutely idiotic posts.

    Not even gonna waste my time in delving into the fact how a healing class should be barred from healing

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    Quote Originally Posted by BooyahGrandma View Post
    Disclaimer: In order to fit all of the info, this is ridiculously long, anyone not specifically wishing for a take on 1v1 rules, this is probably not for you.

    This is a post about 1v1 rules, including barred skills, traits, and (in some cases) strats. Allow me to preface this with a couple simple statements of fact. I am not an authority on this, I am just another player who likes 1v1s and has been asked repeatedly where these rules are written down, so I decided to make a post about it. I will be editing the post based on comments from people who seem to know more about the classes than me, whether it be to add or take away from the skills/traits/strategies mentioned.

    I am aware that not everyone likes to 1v1 using rules for various reasons. For these people, I would simply suggest not using 1v1 circles, or requesting someone to do a “full out” or “open field” 1v1. There are some people in 1v1 circles happy to do this, including myself. What I would ask you not to do is join 1v1 circles and use these skills with no warning to the player you are fighting. With the jump to agree to a fight mechanic within 1v1 circles; for most people, this is an implied agreement to the 1v1 rules discussed in this post, and many people will have completely different trait setups in order to self nerf and allow them to fight fairly against other people using the 1v1 rules. While some people will simply not care that this is unfair, for those who do, I hope you keep this in mind.

    I am also aware that some people may need to use some of these barred skills to have any chance against most of the people doing 1v1 circles. This is the case for people just starting out or who have not gotten accustomed to the rotations used with 1v1 rules. For these people, my suggestion is about the same, contact the person you are about to fight and explain you don't think you can win with 1v1 rules, and wish to add some barred skills to your rotation. While some may flat out refuse, and possibly insult you(this is the internet), many will be understanding(infinitely more so than if you were to just use the skills with no warning).

    Now, for why these 1v1 rules are considered necessary by many players. This is what I have gathered about why people believe the 1v1 rules are needed, and may not reflect the overall consensus concerning them. Put simply, the game is; and always has been, balanced for group fights. Insofar as a 1v1 circle is meant to allow players to fight each other with the variable of player skill(including how well the character is built) to be isolated as much as possible, this means also getting rid of the mechanics necessary for group fights to be even, that make 1v1s between certain classes completely uneven.

    This brings me to what I know about how 1v1 rules are formed in the first place. It starts very broadly with getting rid of skills that allow someone of lesser skill to beat someone of higher skill because of the class mechanics. This is most obvious in the cases of defilers, wardens, and to a lesser extent lore masters, who are able to spam self heals. The simple fact is most opponents fighting that in 1v1 cannot break through the heals. It is then considered how powerful each class is in 1v1 without those skills that are very obviously uneven in 1v1 fights, and skills are taken away based on creating as much of an even fight as possible. I am not aware of any one large and easily identifiable group of players who does this as the primary source of the rules. From what I gather this is done whenever a new update that changes class mechanics comes out, and then the most common rules are kept.

    Now for the actual rules. DoT or damage and kite are pretty much the universally banned strats. Based on what class is kiting, specific mechanics are required to counter, which not all classes may have. This of course does not include re-positioning or normal melee range movement, but if your strat is to fully distance yourself from your opponent to do damage to them while they can do nothing to you(which would be accompanied by slows/cc), that requires specific mechanics to counter which puts certain classes at a sharp disadvantage. For the classes that would be doing this, there is little difference between that and a full out fight for them. These movement mechanics are commonly anything that allows you to heal yourself or damage the other person to any great extent while they can do nothing. Ex: Ba line kiting while spamming hinder. A warden or spider stacking bleeds then slowing and kiting, a flayer warg slowing and kiting while flayer 5% morale from temporary bubble heals them. It is not that these mechanics cannot be countered by some classes(with class specific mechanics) but in order to have universal rules work, as apposed to class v class specific rules, the lack of class specific mechanics must be considered. As for creep corruptions, the number of mits/crit d traited drastically affects fights, I do not know creep well enough to say what specifically is too much, I would ask people who know better to comment. Many People will not like the following list and believe it will be hard to play your class without these things, I would ask that you reference paragraphs 2 and 3. Someone mentioned that all of the bars turn 1v1s with rules into what is essentially dps races. The Primary components of which are how well your character is build, how good your non kiting movement is, and how good your rotation is. Sadly, that is all that is left when making 1v1 fights fair in a game made for group fights.

    Barred Racial Traits:
    1: Endurance of Stone
    2: Eldar's Grace
    3: Hobbit- Silence
    4: Strength of Morale
    5: Bracing Roar

    2: Recuperate
    3: Thicken Hide
    4: Encouraging Roar
    5: Rejuvenating Below
    6: Leveling Roar
    7: Natures mend
    1: Any Advantage
    2: vigilant Roar
    DoT/damage and kite.

    1: Moving Target
    2: Get a Grip
    While normally banned, some cc makes up for lower BA dps, as long as it is just used as a basis for re-positioning to get a skill or two off without the person circling you, and not accompanied by strafing backward to maintain distance.

    1: Sneak
    2: Find Footing
    3: Riddle
    4: Touch and Go
    5: Exploit Opening
    6: Addle against a caster class
    7: Hide in Plain Sight
    8: Exposed Throat
    9: Knives Out
    10: Stun Dust
    11: Trip
    12: Coupe de Grace
    13: Mischievous Glee
    14: A Small Snag if it is used to kite your opponent with bleeds on it
    1: Double Down
    2: Swift and Subtle(?)
    3: Self Adulation
    DoT and Kite.

    1: Rallying Cry
    2: Make Haste
    3: Words of Courage
    4: Inspire
    5: Fighting Withdrawal
    6: Valiant Strike
    7: Revealing Mark
    8: Gallant Display
    9: Standard of Honour
    10: Perform the Lines
    11: Oathbreaker’s Shame
    12: Noble Mark
    13: In Harm's Way
    14: Standard of Valour
    15: Strength in Numbers
    16: Shield of Dunedain
    17: Standard of War
    1: Terrifying Bellow
    2: Courageous Convocation
    DoT and Kite, though i've never seen someone actually use it.

    1: Bracing Attack
    2: Fight on
    3: Sprint
    4: True Heroics
    5: Sudden Defense
    6: Dire Need
    7: Adamant
    8: Unbreakable
    9: Controlled Burn
    10: Champion’s Duel
    11: Great Cleave
    12: Exchange of Blows
    1: Killing Spree
    2: Blade of Courage
    DoT and kite.

    1: Fungal Spores
    2: Dying Rage
    3: Fertile Slime
    4: Fungal Bloom
    5: Fell Restoration
    6: Efflorescence
    7: Curse of The Coward’s Soul(Yes only a fear but with Tenderize not being Barred and a chance to fear on that, another fear is too much)
    DoT/damage and kite.

    1: Charge
    2: Ignore the Pain if it is used against a DoT based class like spider, and not just to remove a disarm or such.
    3: Turn the Tables
    4: Catch a Breath
    5: Warrior’s Heart
    6: Litany of Defense
    7: Guardian’s Pledge
    8: Juggernaut
    9: Smashing Stab
    10: Honorable Combat
    1: Thrill of Battle
    2: Bring the Pain
    3: Demoralizing Anthem simply to avoid hitting others in the 1v1 area
    DoT and kite.

    1: Bard’s Arrow
    2: Distracting Shot
    3: Pinning Shot
    4: Press Onward
    5: Tripwire
    6: Rain of Arrows
    Anything that allows you to kite with your enemy having no way to hit you.
    I find it undeniable that hunters are in a bad way right now, if that is no longer the case later, obviously some damage buffing cool-downs will need to be added to the banned skill list.

    Lore Master ****This is the one class i'm unclear on and have not been able to ask about, so any additional things that should be added would be appreciated.
    1: Power of Knowledge
    2: Wisdom of the Council
    3:Water Lore
    4: Inner Flame
    5: Sic ‘Em!
    6: Lightning Storm?(With the allowance of some LM cc because of lower dps, i'm unsure if this skill is suppose to be allowed)
    7: Beacon of Hope
    1: Empowering Flames
    2: Fire Shield
    CC or Slow and kite with DoTs, so far as its not just moving a couple meters away to get a skill or two off without the person circling you.

    1: Hero's Strike
    2: Coda Of Melody
    3: Cody of Resonance
    4: Major Ballad in Resonance
    5: Raise the Spirit
    6: Invocation Of Elbereth
    7: Bolster Courage
    8: Inspire Fellows
    9: Fellowship’s Heart
    10: Chord of Salvation
    11: Still as Death
    12: Song of the Hammerhand
    13: Soliloquy of Spirit
    14: Perfect Ending
    15: Triumphant Spirit
    16: Legend of Helm Hammerhand
    1: Concussive Shout
    2: Shielding Cry
    Anything Involving Stuns/cc/slows to kite the opponent while they can do nothing to hit you.

    1: Glory in Victory
    2: Dying Rage
    3: Against the Odds
    4: Wrath
    5: Disarm
    6: Devastating Strike(?) I've seen rules both ways on this one
    7: Impale(?) I've seen rules both ways on this one but i know it can do 4,750 damage to a champ with 68% crit d and 30k phys mit
    DoT and kite.

    Rune Keeper
    1: Prelude to Hope
    2: Chilling Rhetoric
    3: Shocking touch
    4: Words of Exaltation
    5: Epic for the Ages
    6: Scribe a New Ending so far as it is against a DoT based class like spider, and not to remove a disarm or such
    7: Armour of the Elements
    8: Self Motivation
    9: Rune-Sign of Winter
    10: Writ of Health
    11:Mending Verse
    12: Rune of Restoration
    13: Essay of Exaltation
    14:Bombastic Inspiration
    15: Rousing Words
    16: Our Fates Entwined
    17: Sustaining Bolt
    18: Vivid Imagery
    All traits banned are already banned by the skills
    Anything that allows you to kite and do big damage without your opponent being able to hit you. Ex: shocking words, run and place fulgurite runestone on the way, turn at large range and begin damaging or damaging and strafing.

    2: Rallying Howl
    3: Sprint
    4: Disappear
    5: Tendon Shred
    6: Pounce when Crippling Bite still has a chance to proc a stun
    7: Throat Rip
    8: Flayer, though it should be noted since this is obvious to anyone accepting a fight that you are in flayer if you have the stance on when you jump to request, it does not fall under the same rules as the others.
    DoT and kite.

    1: Never Surrender
    2: Offensive Strike
    3: Boar’s Rush
    4: Precise Blow
    5: Piercing Strike
    6: Spear Of Virtue
    7: Preserve
    8: Safeguard
    9: Celebration of Skill
    10: Restoration
    11: Conviction
    12: Fierce Resolve
    13: Resolution
    14: Exultation of Battle
    15: War-Cry
    16: Brink of Victory
    17: Surety of Death
    18: Desolation
    DoT and kite.

    1: Crack the Whip
    2: Quit Whining and Fight!
    3: Get a Grip!
    4: Quitters Never Win
    5: Shield Bash(?) I don't know about the need for this skill in the rotation versus how much the stun cc can do
    6: Banners(?) i don't know which if any of these are suppose to be barred
    Damage/DoT and Kite.

    1: Trapdoor Sanctuary
    2: Shelob’s Gift
    3: Snaring Web
    4: Paralytic Venom
    5: Grasping Web
    6: Latent Poison
    7: Drink Deep
    8: Toxin because it's completely unnecessary for a dps rotation and just screws over anyone who can't restore power without healing
    9: Shadow’s Bite
    10: Toxic Carapace
    11: Web the Earth
    DoT and Kite.
    Quote Originally Posted by BooyahGrandma View Post
    I want to see something I enjoy doing improved so that I can have more fun. If me wanting more fun is me taking whatever delivers that fun seriously, then sure go ahead and *project* that view of things onto what i'm doing rather than recognize that to me it's just fun. But that aside all you are doing is trying to insult me for enjoying something that hurts nobody. I don't know if you can't win using the rules and so decide to insult anyone who advocates for them, or maybe you just don't like that other people are enjoying themselves. Whatever the reason, hopefully; despite what you indicated above, you take raising your kids seriously enough to make sure they don't act like you are currently.
    I quoted your original post to reinforce the point I was making in my previous point.

    For real though, if you need a post that is twice the length of a harry potter book to have fun, perhaps the thing you supposedly enjoy is not fun at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by evanicus View Post
    Not even gonna waste my time in delving into the fact how a healing class should be barred from healing

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    Quote Originally Posted by kohkohpuffs View Post
    I quoted your original post to reinforce the point I was making in my previous point.

    For real though, if you need a post that is twice the length of a harry potter book to have fun, perhaps the thing you supposedly enjoy is not fun at all.
    lol please stop posting in this thread, you've wasted so much time and space on continually saying 'blah blah this thread is awful blah blah' yes yes, we got it by like the 9th post, you won the internet today, no one cares

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    Quote Originally Posted by BooyahGrandma View Post
    I did not put damage/dot and kite strat for each class because it was an effective or reasonable way to fight on that class. I put it to cover my bases because people are unreasonable, evidenced by the fact that I have seen nearly every class try to kite in a 1v1 circle at one time or another. Further evidence of people being unreasonable is your complete lack of any attempt to understand the 1v1 rules, leading to you make a statement like this, "Not even gonna waste my time in delving into the fact how a healing class should be barred from healing "
    Okay so, in a hypothetical world where these hypothetical '1v1 rules' were in effect and people actually found them effective in any way, how possible could a warleader win without their heals or their cc (which is very essential imo)? they have atrocious dps as it is and heals are the only reason they have a chance of winning a 1v1. So what possible strat would warleaders have in these circumstances? ah yes, lets make them stand there and act as a killable, reknown filled pinata-training dummy!


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