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    Interested in transferring and looking for a kin

    Hi Arkenstone,

    I used to be pretty into raiding in the Helm's Deep days, but shortly after that my raiding group on Landroval fell apart. I have dabbled in the game here and there since, but now I really have the itch to come back and get back into raiding. I hear Arkenstone is the best raiding server now. My captain just hit 105, so I'm working on the gear and figuring out the new essence/imbuement systems. I'm looking for a mature, fun, active but not gigantic kin (I like to make friends and know people, and not just be a name). I enjoy all group content - grinding old Moria instances for deeds, new raids, T2, challenges, etc. (I still need that steed of many colours!) I also have a minstrel and champ I may transfer over and finish leveling as well. I'd love to hear from some people and find out if there are some kins on Arkenstone that would be a good fit for me.

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    Welcome to Arkenstone. There are raiding kins here that range from very casual to super hard-core. Check out some of the recruitment threads that tell a bit about each kin, and see what might be a good fit. I imagine you'll likely find several that suit what your looking for. If you contact one of the officers listed in the recruitment thread and show some interest in what they're doing, they'll likely ask you how soon you'd like to join. Best of luck out there!

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    Casinari - Original Challenger of Saruman Minstrel

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    I'm sure by now you have found a home, but on the chance you haven't, Foresaken Legion is now recruiting. We have been around since 2008 in name but transferred from El server.

    We do have raiders, deeders, and questers but we are small and want to grow to be able to run our own raids again.

    If you're interested in trying us out please look for me Kryadan or Jkhaine.

    All the best no matter where you end up!



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