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    Sad news about longtime Arkenstoner Maiemarwyn

    It’s with a heavy heart that we at The Meaning of Haste share that our great friend and former kin leader, Maiemarwyn, has passed away.

    Maie was bright, funny and had a beautiful spirit. She made the game so much more fun and Arkenstone a much better place for many years. More importantly, she was a great friend, mom and person.

    We’ll miss you. Maie. Whether it was kicking tail in the Ettenmoors, going out of your way to help your many friends or just goofing around, you touched a lot of people with your presence.

    Please keep Maie’s family in your thoughts and prayers. To help the family with expenses, Maie’s kinmates have set up a gofundme account. Anyone wishing to contribute can do so at http://www.gofundme.com/hasties-memo...gretchen-marie.

    Post your condolences and, especially, happy memories of Maie here. Her LOTRO family will always remember the size of her heart and the pleasure of her company.

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    The proceeds on the GoFundMe will be going towards expenses relating to the funeral and her surviving family members. She'd lost a battle to cancer, and her family has expressed raising awareness and funds for cancer research in her name. You can find a link to a non-profit, reliable cancer research institute below if you would wish to contribute:


    Maie was a leader in the kin and played in the Ettenmoors a lot. While we know many may not be aware of Maie or even The Meaning of Haste as she'd taken a bow from the game for a long while now, but we know she's left rippling effects in all kinds of people's lives on the server, mostly before the merging. Hopefully this reaches some of those people she's touched.
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    I'm sorry to say I didn't get a chance to meet this person, but it's always sad to see someone so treasured by others pass on. Prayers to her friends and family.
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    How very sad. I'm sorry to hear such sad news, although I don't know if I've had the pleasure of ever talking with her, I do know the horrible effect cancer has on loved ones. My prayers go out to her family. Rest in peace, Maiemarwyn.
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    My condolences to the family and friends of this beautiful woman.

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    This is very sad news I remember Maie very well. She was a person who was always happy to help, always up-beat, and always a pleasure to be around. My heartfelt condolences to those I know she cared so much about!

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    My Condolences to the family and friends.
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    Godspeed and sincere condolences to Maie's famiy and her friends at Haste from Noldor.


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    Terrible news, so sorry to hear.

    I remember raiding in the Moors with Maie back in the day, especially Ladies' Night. She livened up a raid/group with her charm, wit and humor. She will certainly be sorely missed. Condolences to her family, friends and kin.

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    This is the first time reading something on the Lotro forums has made me cry, Maie was a awesome person I only had the pleasure of knowing her in game but man did she make this game and the community so much better. My heart go's out to her family and friends

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    Rest In peace Maei. the tribe will always remember you.


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    I can't believe it.

    I've known Maiemarwyn since she was a baby Loremaster, first stepping foot in the moors. We've known each other since the beginning of this game, which means we have had at least 7-8 years of friendship.

    Rest in peace my friend. I will miss your upbeat personality and never ending 'unselfish-ness'. The world has lost a champion.

    I miss you.
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    Lost for words. She will be missed.

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    Such Sad News

    Mai was so very special in helping anyone in the Moors as well as in TMOH. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family.
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    What??!! I come back after a couple years to check forums and this!! I cried...Maie was one of my best friends on the Ark. Known her since launch. She was incredibly patient and kind...when she needed a heavy to be mean to a Meaning of Haste kin member who was out of line she'd say "Q...would you take care of this kinnie for me..." She couldn't ever be hostile cept for kickin snot outta creeps...a Moors junkie since 2007.

    This is such sad news...I will miss her very much on Arkenstone.


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    Sorry to hear for your lost im returning to the game but I can see she played a HUGE impact on everyone and may she rest in piece



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