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    [Landroval] 2016 Spring Racing Carnival -- Saturday, May 14

    Please join us for the 2016 Spring Racing Carnival on Saturday, May 14th.


    11:00-11:30pm -- Thorin's Cup Qualifier Race (Thorin's Hall Gates)
    12:00pm-12:30pm -- Rivendell Cup Qualifier Race (Last Homely House)
    1:00pm-1:30pm -- Bounder's Cup Qualifier Race (Michel Delving)
    1:30pm-2:30pm -- BREAK

    All afternoon events take place at Hobnanigan Field #1 near the festival grounds in Bree-land.
    2:30pm-3:00pm – Rodeo clown show.
    3:00-4:00pm – Barrel racing.
    4:00pm-4:30pm – Horse parade.
    5:00pm-6:00pm – Eriador Championship Cup
    6:00pm-7:00pm – Closing Concert

    (All times are Landroval /servertime and EDT, USA east coast or New York.)

    Enjoy music by Department of Harmony and Song (DHS), Little To No Drama, Notenzauber, and the Remediators!

    All equestrian events require war steeds and registration with Kiralynn before the event begins.

    To participate in the Eriador Championship Cup, you must finish top three (1st/2nd/3rd) in a qualifier race
    or be a top-three winner from a previous Championship Cup.

    Here is a link to the course maps: http://steelandmagic.com/?page_id=5036

    Racing Prizes
    Qualifier races -- 80g / 40g / 20g + prize code
    Barrel racing -- 100g / 50g / 25g + prize code
    Championship cup -- 500g / 300g / 100g + prize code

    Wagering Prizes
    Qualifier races -- 25g / 10g / 5g for first three, prize code for all (while supplies last)
    Championship cup -- 100g / 50g / 25g for first three, prize code for all (while supplies last)

    This event is sponsored by Windy Acres Ranch and the Lonely Mountain Band.

    Please mark your calendars!
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    times listed are what time zone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by HardestyGrimwall View Post
    times listed are what time zone?
    All times are server time (East Coast of the U.S.).

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    Life may not be the party that we hoped for, but while we're here we should Dance.

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    Greetings, everyone! Here is the FAQ for this year's Spring Racing Carnival.

    Q: Is this an annual thing?

    Yes, indeed! The Lonely Mountain Band and Windy Acres Ranch host this event each spring.
    Here is a link to the advertisement for the 2011 SRC: https://youtu.be/Xt9kdPuQ6oM
    The Lonely Mountain Band took over hosting the event in 2012: https://youtu.be/5Lhczq9ylGo
    We changed the format and added new events in 2013: https://youtu.be/6YGkHsrnGlk
    New races and war steed formation riding were added in 2014: https://youtu.be/C78tz7ggbjY
    There were many brilliant concerts during the 2015 show: https://youtu.be/DOMInxEu6s8
    Finally, here's the ad for 2016: https://youtu.be/kFECBO9vEDo

    Q: How Does Horse Racing Work?

    Horse races are exciting events where players choose their favorite steeds and compete with other riders on a challenging course. A race course has a start line, one or more checkpoints, and a finish line. Riders line up at the start, wait for the /charge signal, pass each checkpoint in the proper direction, and try to be the first to cross the finish line.

    Each checkpoint is a landmark or obstacle. Passing a checkpoint typically means going around it clockwise (with the landmark on your right) or counter-clockwise (on your left). Screenshots of checkpoints and a map of the race course are usually included in this thread, allowing participants to review the course before race day. Before the race begins, the race coordinator takes all riders on a pace lap. This gives the competitors a tour of the course and allows them to ask questions about rules or checkpoints.

    Riders must find the best path between checkpoints. Finding a shorter path means crossing the finish line sooner. Riders face numerous obstacles along the race route. These include stone walls, fences, cliffs, water crossings, stairs and hostile creatures. Missing a jump or spraining a leg during a fall can cost a rider the race.

    Race judges monitor the riders, checkpoints and finish line to catch any cheaters. Screenshots and video are used to verify proper participation. Winners are announced and prizes awarded after the race results are verified by the judges.

    Q: How Do I Sign Up For A Race?

    Contact the event host (Kiralynn) during the hour before the event begins. Make sure that the host replies to your /tell -- sometimes the host receives a huge volume of chat and miss a /tell. Show up at the race location at least 15 minutes before race time. Make sure your war steed already outfitted up with the gear and traits you'd like to use. Deactivate any store-purchased speed enhancers. It is helpful if your steed or your own outfit looks different from other riders. This helps the judges spot you at the checkpoints and find you in screenshots, if necessary.

    You are welcome to participate in any Qualifier race. These are races where you prove your riding skill. Only those who finish first, second, or third place in a qualifier race may participate in the Championship Cup. Former Championship Cup winners are also invited to participate.

    You can continue to participate in Qualifier races until you earn your spot in the Championship Cup. Once you have been invited to the Championship Cup, you can no longer race in qualifiers -- other riders need the chance to earn their invitations.

    ST is server time, which you can see on Landroval by typing "/servertime" in the chat window. It is currently EDT (eastern USA).

    If you are invited to the Eriador Championship Cup, you should arrive at least 15 minutes before post time at Hobnanigan's Field #2 near the Bree festival grounds.

    Q: Who Won The Championship Cup In Previous Years?

    Kiralynn won the Cup in 2011. Alliman, Andeon, and Eliwren won in 2012. Aalloria, Eliwren, and Lifebringer won in 2013. Mellime, Breglas, and Lainiest won in 2014. Lainiest, Craicwyth, and Nettlebow won in 2015. These riders are automatically invited to the Eriador Championship Cup and should not participate in any qualifier races.

    Q: Can I Practice The Race Course Ahead Of Time?

    Yes! In fact, this is highly recommended. I will post maps and screenshots of the race courses at least a day before each race. Check SteelAndMagic.com for details.

    Q: What Happens If I Disconnect Or Suffer Lag?

    The race continues without you. We do not start the race over. Latency, lag, and disconnects are a danger faced equally by all riders. These issues are outside our control.

    Q: How Do I Get The Prizes?

    If you win gold or items, they will be sent to you through in-game mail shortly after the end of the event. If the prize is a code for Turbine Points, you will redeem it in the in-game store. If you receive a "prize code" for a pet, title, or cosmetic item, you activate it as a product key at MyAccount.Turbine.com

    Q: How Do I Bet On A Race? Is Gambling Allowed?

    You bet on a race by contacting the official Bookie. Send them a /tell with the name of the one rider you think will win the race. If you guess correctly, your name is entered into a drawing for prizes. You do not bet any money or gold, so you don't lose anything if you are wrong. This is not actually gambling because nothing is at stake. Race betting in this fashion does not break any rules.

    Q: What Is Barrel Racing?

    Participants must navigate their war steed around three obstacles in a particular clover-leaf pattern. These obstacles will actually be hobbits wearing bright "safety" orange outfits. Anyone with a war steed may sign up for this event.

    Turn right around the first obstacle, left around the second and third obstacles (see below). The clock starts running the moment the horse crosses the fence line and enters the field, and stops as soon as the horse reaches the fence line again. Touching an obstacle (hobbit) results in a time penalty. The riders with the fastest times win prizes.

    Here is an illustration of the proper clover-leaf pattern.

    Just remember -- Right turn to the right, left turn to the left, left turn at the far end.

    Each rider is allowed to run the course twice, comparing their best time against other riders. If the course is not run properly, the finishing time doesn't count. The time penalty for touching a hobbit "barrel" is one second per barrel.

    Q: How Do I Participate In The Horse Parade?

    The audience is invited to participate in the horse parade. Please wait for the official invitation before entering the field. Bring a war horse and matching outfit suitable for these categories: Elegant Steeds, Fierce Steeds, and Rare Steeds. You can ride in one, two, or all three categories.

    1) ELEGANT STEEDS -- Fanciful, elaborate, and decorative tack.
    . . Examples: Minas Ithil, Bright Days, Reveller's Gilded, Odogil, Simbelmyne, Lissuin, Summerfest, Midsummer, Springtime, Plenty, and Minstrel.

    2) FIERCE STEEDS -- Heavy armor and otherwise fierce- or frightening- looking steeds and tack.
    . . Examples: Steed of Night, Skeleton, Victory, Dol Baran, Khundolar, Nightwood, Dagorlad, Snow-beast, Guardian, Champion, and Captain.

    3) RARE STEEDS -- Steeds that are difficult to acquire or that you are particularly proud of.
    . . Examples: PvP, meta-deed, code (IE: Red Dawn), luck (IE: hobby horse), reputation, and promo (IE: winged herald).

    Q: Where Do I Find More Information?

    This thread will be updated regularly. Please read the horse race and barrel racing rules ahead of time if you plan to participate, thank you!

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    Horse Racing Rules

    • Riders must register to participate in the race by contacting the host. Registration closes at the event start time.
    • Registrations are accepted at the race host’s discretion. Players who have been barred from races for unsportsmanlike behavior may not register.
    • Riders must be at the start location at least 5 minutes before the race begins.
    • Riders must join a raid fellowship with the judges and remain in it until the race results are announced.
    • Riders must only use war steeds. These steeds can be light, medium, or heavy.
    • No store-purchased mount speed enhancers will be permitted. All buffs (temporary ability enhancements) must be cancelled before the race begins. War steed skills may be used.
    • Riders must only use their horse for transportation. Stables, milestones, wayfaring, camps, rally points, acorns, mustering horns, summons and all other non-mount forms of travel are forbidden.
    • Spamming fellow riders, giving a false start signal, having allies ride in the wrong direction to mislead riders, and all other forms of unsportsmanlike behavior will result in disqualification.
    • Riders must clear all checkpoints in the proper direction and order. Course judges are the final authority in determining if a checkpoint has been properly cleared. A decision can be appealed if screenshots or video can be presented immediately after the race.
    • Once you pass through a checkpoint, you may not turn around and go back through it. Continue forward to the next checkpoint.
    • If a rider falls from his horse, he may mount up again and continue the race. He will not be disqualified for swimming if he is dismounted at a water crossing.
    • The winner will be determined by the first rider to cross the finish line, not the first mount.
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    Feel free to share this poster or use it in your blog. /Servertime is EDT (New York, USA).
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    It’s time to announce the prizes and reveal the race course maps!

    Here is a link to the course maps: http://steelandmagic.com/?page_id=5036

    Racing Prizes

    Qualifier races -- 80g / 40g / 20g + prize code
    Barrel racing -- 100g / 50g / 25g + prize code
    Championship cup -- 500g / 300g / 100g + prize code

    The top three winners of each race will receive gold plus a prize code for a title, steed, pet, or cosmetic item.

    Wagering Prizes

    The audience can also win!

    Choose the one horse and rider that you believe will win the race. /Tell your favorite rider name to the race bookie. If you guess correctly, your name will be entered in a drawing for prize codes. These codes unlock titles, steeds, pets, or cosmetics for all characters on your account. We will keep giving out codes until we run out, so betters who guess the second or third place racers may also win prizes!

    The first three names drawn from winning betters will also receive gold. The prizes are 25g / 10g / 5g for a qualifier race and 100g / 50g / 25g at the Championship Cup. If fewer than three people correctly guess the winning horse, those who do win the bet will receive extra gold! If no one guesses the winning horse, prizes go to those who bet on the second place steed.
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    The following riders are invited to the Eriador Championship Cup:


    Alternates: Hanbury and Hologro
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